Unlock the Benefits of Fullscript for Your Private Practice

Unlock the Benefits of Fullscript for Your Private Practice

Are you looking for a way to streamline the ordering process of supplements for your clients – while creating an additional revenue stream? If so, Fullscript may be the perfect fit!

Fullscript is an online supplement dispensary that provides health practitioners like yourself with a simple, efficient way to manage your client’s supplement needs and create lasting patient relationships. Even better, it’s absolutly FREE to create your account

With Fullscript, you can offer products from the top brands in your private practice, so you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality or efficacy. Your clients will also benefit from the convenience of being able to order their supplements directly from your practice.

Streamline the ordering process with Fullscript

With Fullscript, you can streamline the ordering process for supplements and automatically send refill reminders to clients when supplies run low so they never miss a dose. You also get easy-to-use reports that show compliance rates, patient satisfaction scores, and more to help you track your client’s progress.

Fullscript also helps you to quickly create custom supplement plans tailored to each individual client’s needs. You can base these custom plans on your client’s health history, lab results, or other data points you enter into their system.

Plus, you can easily manage inventory levels with automated notifications when stock is running low or out-of-date items need replacing – no manual counting required!

Save time with automated invoices and get paid quickly

Fullscript puts an end to tedious tasks like creating invoices for all transactions made through Fullscript (including shipping costs!), ensuring accuracy, and eliminating any potential human error associated with manual billing & tracking. Plus, you can get paid quickly and securely – Fullscript offers multiple payment options, including digital payments like Apple Pay or Google Wallet.

Leverage Fullscript’s built-in marketing tools to build your practice

Fullscript is also great for helping practitioners build their practices. You can leverage the platform’s built-in marketing tools to automate client engagement emails, collect reviews and create content for social media.

Supplements for private practiceFrequently Asked Questions About Adding Fullscript

You probably have questions about using Fullscript for your private practice. I’ll do my best to answer a few of the frequently asked questions here:

Is Fullscript Secure?

It’s not only secure – it’s HIPAA compliant, meaning your client’s data is safe (whew!). That means less worry for you and peace of mind for your clients. Fullscript is highly secure and employs measures to ensure all client data is kept private, ensuring the highest standards of security and privacy for your client’s personal information.

What is the Cost of Using Fullscript?

It is free to set up an account and begin ordering products. Fullscript only charges a 10% convenience fee on orders, which is lower than most other online supplement portals that charge between 20-25%. Click here to create your FREE account now!

What Type of Payment Plans are Available in Fullscript?

Fullscript offers multiple payment options, including digital payments like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. You can also select the payment option that best fits your client’s needs and budget.

Are there any hidden fees?

Absolutely not! That’s one of the things I love about working with them. Fullscript only charges a 10% convenience fee on orders, which is lower than most other online supplement portals. Plus, there are no setup costs or hidden fees associated with using the platform.

Does Fullscript offer support?

Absolutely! If you have questions about the platform, supplements available, the ordering process, or anything else related to Fullscript, they have an excellent reputation for customer service.

Is Fullscript Right for Your Private Practice?

Fullscript is an excellent solution for health practitioners in private practice who want to offer supplement plans to their clients. It’s secure, easy to use, and cost-effective with no hidden fees or setup costs. Plus, it offers multiple payment options so you can select the best option for your client’s needs.

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Personally, I think Fullscript is an excellent option for practitioners looking to streamline their supplement ordering process, add an additional stream of income, and easily offer custom plans for their clients. If you’re ready to get started, click here to create your FREE account now!


If you’re a health practitioner looking for an easy way to manage orders, track client progress and offer clients a secure online portal to view their supplement plans, then Fullscript is the perfect choice! With its automated refill reminders, custom supplement plans, automated invoices, digital payment options, built-in marketing tools, and more, Fullscript is the ideal choice for streamlining the supplement ordering process and helping health practitioners take their private practice to the next level.

Want to hear more about how Fullscript can help create custom protocols for your clients? Click here for an interview with Jeffrey Gladd, MD and Chief Medical Officer at Fullscript.

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