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Narrow Your Focus and Expand Your Bank Account
Your “marketing niche” is the combination of the people you serve, and the specific problem you solve for them. But there’s[...]
Knowledge is the Booby Prize
“Tell me and I will listen, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand.” – Confucius[...]
You like me, you really like me!
It was 1985 when Sally Field gushed that memorable phrase to the star-studded audience at the Academy Awards. Afterward, she[...]
Is Your ‘Comfort Zone’ All That Comfortable?
They call it the comfort zone, but it’s not really all that comfortable when it comes right down to it.[...]
Chunk It Down
Can you really get anything productive done in 15 minutes? You'd be surprised what you can accomplish when you apply[...]
Is Your Billboard Blank?
I’m amazed at how many business owners miss this simple way of marketing their services. It’s what I would call[...]
Take Time for 10
Are you the kind of person that walks into your office (or work area), and immediately gets “hooked” looking at[...]
Are You Hiding Out?
When starting a service-based business, especially coaching and consulting, there is a tendency to keep things under the radar so[...]
Watch Out for These Boundary Bombs
They say, “good fences make good neighbors.” And good boundaries cultivate good relationships. But sometimes even the most evolved, grounded,[...]
Small Business, Big Owner
There are all types of leaders: Political Leaders, Spiritual Leaders, Thought Leaders, Business Leaders… You may never see yourself as[...]
This Land is NOT Your Land
Most gurus (and real people too) will tell you that you’ve go to maximize your online presence with social media.[...]
The Real Secret of “The Secret”
One day, a man was walking in the woods, just ambling along not paying much attention. The next thing you[...]
The Good News Is, It’s Your Fault
There’s nothing better than hitting that “sweet spot” with a potential client where I am absolutely sure I can help[...]
Have You Jumped Into the Gold Rush?
A common saying in advertising is that it is much less expensive to get a former customer to buy again[...]
Start Your Business on a Shoestring!
It’s B.S. And you know it. You can’t start a business on a shoestring, unless perhaps you’re selling shoestrings. If[...]
Thank You Very Much!
It’s that time of year again in the US. A time of reflection on the many blessings we have in[...]
Getting Over Overwhelm
I love owning my own business. The freedom, flexibility, autonomy, and creativity are sublime. But one of the drawbacks is[...]
Waving From the Top or Dead on the Side?
The facts are in: successful people act and think differently than the other 98% of the population. But just what[...]

​The conversation enrollment process Lesli teaches really works - I just started practicing what you taught me and it's amazing. You are a genius!

Cristina Montoya, RD, CDE