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Whether you’re just starting out, at the launch phase or are ready to scale, you’ll find a course that’s right for you.

How to Create Profitable Classes & Products

Course begins August 2022

If you haven’t jumped on the course creation bandwagon, now is your time. Your expertise IS package-able and sellable to larger groups-at-a-time RIGHT NOW!

Simple Strategies to Book Rockstar Clients From Your Consultations and Discovery Sessions

Consultations That Convert is a proven, step-by-step system to ethically and painlessly attract and enroll clients over and over again. Plain and simple. This is a clear, values-driven formula for leading ANY potential client to a decision point about hiring you (or buying from you).

How to Create Profitable Classes & Products

Your website is your most effective salesperson. Have you taken the time to make sure it’s performing as well as it could? Think about it. Your website never sleeps, it answers all sorts of questions, and it could always be putting your best foot forward, just like a great salesperson. If you don’t get three CRITICAL pages right on your website, you will never convert new clients the way you want to.

Join Others Who Have Built Successful Business Programs and Practices

“I never knew there was an exact structure and strategy to consultations. Within a few months, I had enrolled 7 clients – six in my 6-month coaching package and one in my 3-month program!​”

–Sandra Murray Gultry, RDN

“For my very first course launch I got 130 people to sign up for my webinar which lead to 18 people enrolling in my 4 week paid course and $3,700 in course revenue alone. Not a bad paycheck to deliver 4 modules at an hourly rate of $925/hour!

–Natalie Ledesma, MS, RDN, CSO, CLT

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My 6-figure Biz Academy is a group coaching program designed to help you maintain a thriving private practice day after day. This program includes individual coaching, direct feedback, and an amazing community of health professionals, just like you!