Get the resources you need to begin the process of building your wellness private practice.


Get the resources you need to begin the process of building your wellness private practice.

“Word for Word Scripts to Overcome ‘I Can’t Afford It’ and Other Objections”

Attract consistent private practice clients and gain more earning potential by simply changing your wording in response emails and inquiry phone calls.

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“7 Critical Keys to a Profitable Practice”

If you are an integrative and functional medicine professional, registered dietitian nutritionist, or holistic wellness practitioner, you can turn your business into a profitable private practice using these seven simple business principles.

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“10 Surefire Strategies to Get Referrals Now”

Get ready for consistent, predictable income that you can be proud of. Referrals are great way to build your private practice and continually bring in new clients.

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Discover 7 FREE tools to help you get more clients right now

Get access to the directories, guides, strategies, and templates that I use to help health professionals attract more clients, sell more programs, and grow their own profitable private practices.

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Setting Measurable Goals in Your Private Practice

As you can imagine, setting measurable goals and writing them out is one of the most important things you can do to ensure success in your private practice. Read more to see examples of measurable goals for health professionals and tips for tracking progress and measuring results.


Lead Generation for Health Professionals Lesli Bitel

Lead Generation for Health Professionals

If you’re looking at growing (or even just starting) an online dietetic, RDN, Integrative Health, or other health-focused business, then it’s likely that you already know how important online leads can be to your success. Being a good business owner isn’t just about having great ideas and working hard. It also means knowing how to market yourself as well as your products or services


Woman learning to Run a Group Nutrition Program

How to Run a Group Nutrition Program

Do you see other health professionals launching their own group programs, but you’re not sure how to start one in your own practice? Before you can launch your program, you’ll need to make some key decisions.


“Live With Lesli” video show

Watch and listen to the “Live With Lesli” Archives on Facebook or YouTube as Lesli chats by herself and with others about creating a private practice, beginning telehealth services, gaining more clients, and more.

Check out the Business Coaching Blog

Read articles on business growth, private practice success, client attraction, sales strategies, mindset and productivity, functional medicine coaching and more.

How to Make ChatGPT Sound Like You

How to Make ChatGPT Sound Like You

Ever caught yourself using ChatGPT and thinking, “Hmm, this is cool and all, but can it sound more like me?” Or maybe you've found yourself wishing for a bit more pizzazz, something that screams 'you' - as if you wrote it yourself? Guess what? A lot of us have a hard...

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“Annual Revenue Increased 5-Fold!”

After six months of spinning my wheels in my private practice and trying to go it alone, I found myself at a loss. I was working hard but struggling. Clients were dropping off after one session, and I was not achieving my desired financial results. It was clear that something had to change, so I reached out to Lesli for help.

Lesli helped me niche down and get clear on the problems I was solving for my clients. She helped me design my individual and group coaching packages – I even launched my first group program and received excellent feedback. With Lesli’s support, I created a new e-book to help build my email list. I learned the business side of running my practice – everything from networking to generate physician referrals to obtaining powerful testimonials from clients. Lesli also helped me streamline my business practices so that I can work smarter, not harder. The best part is that this is only the start, as there is more potential to grow.

One of Lesli’s most exceptional abilities is her ability to tailor her recommendations based on my business.   

Working with Lesli has been worth every penny! I highly recommend!


–Danielle Gaffen, MS, RDN, LDN

Glenys Oyston - Lesli Bitel Success Stories

“I’d been practicing five years before taking Lesli’s Consultations that Convert and have been steadily growing over that time. I was doing well but was not reaching all my financial goals the way I wanted to. Lesli’s course gave me the framework to communicate to potential clients clearly what I can do for them. Often they are excited to schedule even before the end of the call!”

–Glenys Oyston, RDN

“From charging $225, I was able to charge $797 for the same package!”

Before working with Lesli, I was just flying by the seat of my pants and I did not have a lot of foundational things in place. After I entered the 6-Figure Business Academy, I was able to charge what I am worth. From charging $225, I learned from Lesli to change my mindset, I was able to charge $797 for the same package.

–Jadeda Hooks, RDN, LD

Lori Tolleson - Lesli Bitel Success Stories

“After attending Lesli’s master class on Consultations that Convert I have gone from 1 client a month, to having over 4 one on one clients!”

I just started my own consulting business, but have been in healthcare for over 20 years. After attending Lesli’s master class on Consultations that Convert I have gone from 1 client a month, to having over 4 one on one clients and I finished my first structured program with 5 participants. This is in just 2 weeks of finishing her class.
I was stuck with how to organize the discovery call to promote my programs. I was also stuck on how to structure my programs. I have watched Lesli’s Facebook live sessions and found her to be supportive, encouraging, and realistic. Other coaches don’t understand this industry as well, so I also liked that she is in the same field and understands the nuances of nutrition and health coaching.

I went from making $200 from previous months to increase revenue to $2000 and that is after increasing my fees by 35%. This is my first month of actually promoting my business.
I appreciate Lesli’s pragmatic approach and willingness to offer solutions that work for you. She truly listens to what your business is and guides you to the best solutions that will work for you. Lesli’s most exceptional at utilizing her experiences and her work with others to help you find solutions that work. If you can invest the time, I would definitely recommend working with Lesli. If you are struggling to find direction in your coaching business, she can help.

–Lori Tolleson, RDN

Michelle McAlister - Lesli Bitel Success Stories

“Lesli is truly a gem. She is very caring and really wants her clients to succeed. She was there for me when I was going through a very dark time after losing my son. Her kindness and genuineness made me feel like I
wasn’t alone and that she was supporting me with encouragement and understanding when I wasn’t at my best. She is incredibly patient too!

Lesli is excellent at knowing the right language that sells but doesn’t feel salesy or unauthentic. Her marketing expertise and providing so many useful guides and tips that were just what I needed when I needed them. She is a positive person and it is contagious. She really knows her stuff and can take you to the next level. She is worth the investment for certain!

–Michele McAlister MS,RDN,CSOWM,LD,CDE

Moran Hermesh - Lesli Bitel Success Stories

Get Out Of Your Own Way and Hire Lesli 

Before working with Lesli, I saw clients in a “one-session-at-a-time” model.  I was working hard but not making enough money. I was struggling with marketing, getting more clients, and converting discovery calls into cash programs.

I decided to move forward with Lesli’s program because her approach resonated with me.  I appreciate Lesli’s passion for what she does. She knows her tools work, and she does a good job pushing us to use them. 

Not only did I gain confidence in recognizing the incredible value I offer, but I’m also happy to report that my revenue increased significantly over last year! 

I appreciate all her resources, tools, wisdom, motivation, encouragement, passion, support, and belief that we can achieve our goals! 

If you are thinking about working with Lesli, I advise getting yourself out of the way and hiring Lesli. She will help you get the results you want.  Just do it! You won’t regret it.

–Moran Hermesh, MS, RDN, IFNCP

Tanya Freirich - Lesli Bitel Success Stories

I’ve tripled my monthly income since working with Lesli and taken my group program to a completely new level.

I wanted advice on my sales-to-funnel, email marketing, lead magnets, growing my audience, format, and structure for my business on the whole, and group programs. Lesli stood out to me for her ability to connect, her listening skills, and her expertise in the field. I enjoy her approach and feel that it is most helpful, especially in comparison to other coaches that made me feel like I was just a number or sale to make. Lesli gives fantastic advice and really takes the time to be thorough.

The community in the 6-Figure Biz Academy is SO helpful! I’ve learned so much from the other group participants and absolutely LOVE my POD group! I feel more confident and equipped to continue to grow my business as well as make the most revenue per hour worked.

–Tanya Freirich MS, RD, LDN, CDCES

Tarryn Mattern - Lesli Bitel Success Stories

“Booked 9 New Client Packages in the First 3 Months of Opening My Virtual Practice!”

Before working with Lesli, I had just started my business and had no idea where to begin! I had no website, social media accounts, no programs, no pricing, or anything of that nature.

I wanted to start my business efficiently with someone who knew what they were doing – not spinning my wheels on all of the various components of starting a private practice!

Lesli helped me get clear on my niche, learn the business side of running my practice, and successfully enroll new clients from discovery calls.  She also taught me how to incorporate functional nutrition testing into my practice and programs! She helped me gain confidence in recognizing my potential and the value I can offer my clients.

Lesli was such a joy and pleasure with whom to work! She truly empowered me, gave me confidence, helped me see the bigger picture, and helped me see my potential.

–Taryn Mattern, MS, RDN, LDN

Sarah Ferreira, MS, MPH, RD, IFNCP, CHWC

Beth Rosen, MS, RD, CDN

Dr. Susan Plank, D.C.

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