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Get the resources you need to begin the process of building your wellness private practice.

“Word for Word Scripts to Overcome ‘I Can’t Afford It’ and Other Objections”

Attract consistent private practice clients and gain more earning potential by simply changing your wording in response emails and inquiry phone calls.

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“7 Critical Keys to a Profitable Practice”

If you are an integrative and functional medicine professional, registered dietitian nutritionist, or holistic wellness practitioner, you can turn your business into a profitable private practice using these seven simple business principles.

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“10 Surefire Strategies to Get Referrals Now”

Get ready for consistent, predictable income that you can be proud of. Referrals are great way to build your private practice and continually bring in new clients.

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Discover 7 FREE tools to help you get more clients right now

Get access to the directories, guides, strategies, and templates that I use to help health professionals attract more clients, sell more programs, and grow their own profitable private practices.

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View “Live With Lesli”

Watch and listen to the “Live With Lesli” Archives on Facebook or YouTube as Lesli chats by herself and with others about creating a private practice, beginning telehealth services, gaining more clients, and more.

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Read articles on business growth, private practice success, client attraction, sales strategies, mindset and productivity, functional medicine coaching and more.