lesli bitel epic inner circle coaching

Congratulations, Alum! You’ve already made great advances in your business. Now let’s keep the ball rolling…

We’ve been through the steps to start up your business. We’ve discussed how you can implement my proven processes and tools. Now let’s make sure you stay on the right track.

EPIC (Elite Private Inner Circle) is a group coaching program for those who have already completed the 6 Figure Biz Academy or have worked with me in my private coaching program.

The intention is for all Lesli Bitel International Alumni to have access to a continued support network with fellow peers and me. In this mastermind, we will continue to provide feedback and resources to help you progress your business forward and implement the training you have received in the past.

As a participant in EPIC, you get:

2x Small Group Sessions/Month (90 mins min!):
Receive unparalleled direct support from me personally on every advanced and specific topic related to what’s next for you in the moment. I stay on the session until ALL questions are answered!

1 Private Coaching Session Each Quarter:
Quarterly, 1:1 private coaching session with me to give you the personalized support you need with customized strategies and defined next steps to keep you motivated, confident, and unstoppable.

By showing up to the group coaching mastermind, you can prioritize goal setting and achieve accountability from me and your fellow peers. How ‘bout creating commitments with a buddy or two?

Caring Community:
We all need cheerleaders and fans. You’ll receive support and inspiration from a group of gifted private practice business owners who are dealing with similar challenges.

Private Facebook Group:
With just a maximum of 12 of us, you’ll get committed participation and active feedback, plus I respond personally to my Epic members questions and posts.

Digital Media Library
Access to all video and MP3 recordings so you can review the content at your convenience.

Gain access to resources and tools that are reserved for EPIC members only so you can continue to level up your business.

lesli bitel epic inner circle coaching

EVERY possible topic related to your business building is up for discussion and coaching.  And these are advanced topics and advanced nitty-gritty about execution and implementation.

Branding, Target Market, Creating Lucrative Online Courses, Irresistable Packages, Multiple Streams of Income, Growing your List, Your Signature Talk, Pricing Programs and Packages, The Art of the Consult, Supercharging your Sales, Lead Magnets, Websites that Sell, Passive and Leverages Income, Social Media Strategies, Referral Partners, Joint Ventures, Live and Online Events, Your Ascention Model, Cutting Edge Client-Attraction Strategies (changing all the time), and MORE!!!

You get my business brain focused entirely on your business – something usually reserved for Private Clients! Plus, private coaching!

It’s exponentially helpful to get the momentum going by having the support of an experienced coach that’s been there and has a proven track record – to guide your steps with foresight and care.


And it’s a priceless bonus to be doing it with small group of ADVANCED practitioners and buddies, to hold each other to stretching and following through on the next, exciting, revenue-generating tasks.

“I cannot say enough about how much working with Lesli has boosted my business. I’m now enrolling twice as many clients, even after doubling the price of my MRT/Leap package. Within 2 months of learning Lesli’s strategies, I enrolled 17 people and generated $9,100 in revenue. Two months later I raised my prices by 1/3 and enrolled 20 LEAP new clients and generated $17,910! In April alone, after doubling the price of my packages, I have enrolled 6 new clients generating $6,582. I’m no longer anxious about having an enrollment conversation – instead, I love the fact I have the opportunity to share with people how I can help!”

–Susan Gleaton

“Before I joined EPIC, I was searching for guidance in reaching out to other health care professionals and enhancing my marketing strategies. I had heard of Lesli through two different DPGs and loved that she had experience in my specialty as well as lots of business background.

Through EPIC, I learned how to create a signature package that can speak to my clients, how to “sell” my services so that I am able to illuminate how clients can benefit from working with me, got clear on how and when to use referrals, and so much more! I currently work one day a week with my private practice and am able to make over $2000 per month with a full client load of 6-7 clients per day!”

–Alex McKee, MS, RD, CD

EPIC Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

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How and where does this all happen?

Our group sessions happen on 90 minute Zoom video calls. It’s a vibe – a cozy, hanging out and changing the world from our living room vibe.

Your private, quarterly coaching happens either on Zoom or phone, your choice!

Plus, there’s our secret Facebook group too…

The extra magic of EPIC happens in our secret Facebook group. The support and sense of community in our group is amazing. We discuss a lot of things that aren’t covered anywhere else.

I also provide handouts, worksheets, templates, documents, and PDFs as needed.

How big are the EPIC groups?
10 -12 people max. We’re a small tight knit group where everyone gets personalized attention.
Who can join EPIC?

EPIC is an advanced coaching and mastermind experience and a great way to get the ongoing support you need for continued growth after working with Lesli. The prerequisite is the completion of either a 1:1 coaching program with Lesli or the 6-Figure Biz Academy. Be sure to reach out to Lesli to learn more!

What if I miss a coaching call?
You can submit your questions prior to the call and I’ll answer them on the call. All coaching calls are recorded and are sent out to everyone the next day via email.
How can I stay motivated and accountable?

We have a Monday and Friday check-in in our group.

On Monday I’ll ask you to commit to your most important goals for the week. On Friday I’ll ask how your week went and what you accomplished.

Accountability partners can be arranged too.

What if I need more coaching?
I offer a 1:1 program that’s completely 100% personalized and customized. You can upgrade at any time.
Is EPIC a month to month program? Or is it a package? Or...?
Epic is a month-to-month advanced mastermind program, however, depending on when you join you might get a special savings to make a certain commitment (let’s say 3 months for example). Our special offers do change from time to time. However, after your initial commitment, you’ll continue one month at a time.
I already have a private practice. Is EPIC right for me?
Of course! Because Epic is an advanced group, it’s where you can talk about your client attraction strategies, increasing pricing, moving into groups or passive income, new program design, handling flaky clients or back end biz management, etc.!
How often are the coaching sessions?
Our group coaching sessions take place every-other week. And don’t forget you have a quarterly private coaching session to be scheduled when it works for you!

Join Others Who Have Found Community and Accountability in EPIC

“Before joining EPIC, I felt like I was in a rut with my business and ready for a “refresher” and outside accountability to prioritize the work I needed to act upon to achieve the longer-term goals I wanted. Working with Lesli and the group helped me respond to unique situations that are part of being a private practice dietitian, including setting boundaries with clients, creating a schedule to streamline my time more effectively, effectively advertising to my target market, and the value of online appointment scheduling with clients. I also received the accountability I needed to complete my e-book, so I can attract more potential clients to sign up for my newsletter! And, since starting EPIC, I have enrolled noticeably more clients since last summer (before I started EPIC)!”

–Crystal Witte

“Prior to joining the EPIC group, I was stuck mostly with marketing and improving my website and needed ideas on how to get my name out there and market with purpose rather than by accident. I was really attracted to her [EPIC] group program because I got not only her expertise but also a community of other practitioners to connect with!

In my time working with Lesli I was able to create a website video – something I had been wanting to do forever – and design free challenges to get more clients. Lesli asks very poignant questions that help you get the heart of what you are trying to accomplish. She is especially helpful for practitioners just starting out who want to scale fast and aren’t sure how to do that, and she gives you the tools you need to stay focused on the things that matter for your bottom line.”

–Amanda Sauceda

“Lesli just understands the challenges unique to Dietitians. I truly wish I found her 3 or 4 years ago! It would have saved me so much stress and agony. Lesli really understands the variety of business models out there for dietitians, including how to do group programs and sell products, great ways of breaking out of the 1:1 only model. Before Lesli, I was resistant to moving into programs and packages, yet frustrated with the one-off appointments I was getting because I was afraid I was asking them to commit to so much. Lesli helped me to shift my mindset and to see that I’m now asking my clients to commit to themselves, if they really want to get the results they say they want. Now I offer 3-month programs and I’m in a place where I turned things around and my practice is starting to really blossom. I’m just so grateful for that guidance and that help and having a solid presence (with Lesli).”

–Carmina McGee

“I joined EPIC because I needed help creating packages and programs so that I could begin to offer an appealing cash pay option for clients versus having an insurance-only based practice. With Lesli’s help, I was able to determine my ideal client and develop packages and a program specific to their needs. I learned how to have an enrollment conversation and moved from doing business with potential clients mainly through email to a more personal approach that resulted in clients booking sessions and purchasing packages. After developing two types of packages with the tools I learned in EPIC, I sold 7 packages within 4 months of joining the group!

Lesli is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but also sincere – she truly cares about the success of her clients. It was well worth the investment!”

–Jennifer Laurence