Thinking Can Ruin Your Business

Thinking Can Ruin Your Business

I like to do research, get lots of information, and know all my options before I make a decision. I tend to have what’s called a “cognitive” style of working.

The problem though, is that I sometimes get trapped in the Paralysis of Analysis.

That’s when you get caught in a loop between researching all the possibilities and analyzing the pros and cons of each, without ever being able to reach an actual decision. This is also known as “over-thinking” or “being stuck in your head.”

There are many reasons why this can happen. But the MOST likely is this:

You’re afraid of making a wrong decision or a mistake!

But one of the main traits of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to make bold decisions quickly. The trick is to learn to make a choice, even though it may be imperfect.

So, set a deadline for the decision. Get the info you can. Then trust your intuition and make a choice. And remember, all choices lead to opportunities, learning, and growth – so there’s not really a “wrong” answer anyway!  So when you face a setback or misstep, don’t beat yourself up. You will learn from those missteps and, fortunately, you can course correct.

Remember: the only sure fire way to fail is to take no action at all!

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