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Lesli Bitel functional medicine coach

My To “Do” List


Ideas without implementation are just thoughts. Once you have your plan, get moving. It is in the doing that you learn, grow, and succeed (not the sitting around thinking about it!). Through implementation you’ll actually expand your sense of what is possible, not vice-versa.


To be more successful, to help more people, and to make more money, you MUST do things differently. Your current success is a reflection of your past beliefs, feelings and actions. In order to get different results, you must think and do things in a different way. Some of these may be big changes, but many will be small course corrections that can still have a great influence on your outcomes.


This next insight goes hand in hand with the last one: If it’s not working, you MUST let go of it. Your ability to move forward fast is directly related to how quickly you’re willing to let go of what isn’t working, what you are putting up with, and what is keeping you stuck.  Be rigorous with this – if it isn’t serving, it’s OUT!


Don’t settle for “good enough.” Especially when it comes to customer service, the quality of your offerings, and the overall client experience. Go the extra mile. Under-promise and over-deliver. Always be on the look out for ways to serve your clients better. That’s your #1 job.