You like me, you really like me!

You like me, you really like me!

It was 1985 when Sally Field gushed that memorable phrase to the star-studded audience at the Academy Awards. Afterward, she had to endure countless jokes about her proclamation.

Poor Sally. Although she was accused of being insecure (and worse), the only “faux pas” she actually committed was to transparently voice the exact feeling that almost everyone in that theater has experienced at one time or another.

We are social animals. It’s important for us to feel valued, appreciated, and well, liked. It’s no surprise the most popular and populated social site in Internet history uses the “like” moniker to represent everything from “I agree” to “I’ll join your cause” to “Let’s be friends.”

And when it comes to marketing your business, likeability (with all its possible meanings) can be the difference between success and oblivion.

In order to convert casual prospects into engaged clients and fans, you must build relationships that nurture your likeability.

Here are 7 tips to become better liked by your audience:

  1. Be Authentic:Express your unique voice through your content, programs, and offers. Have a Point of View and don’t be afraid to voice it.
  2. Be Personal: There is a tendency to want to look like a big company in order to come across as more substantial. But no one wants to have a relationship with an impersonal corporation. Share your passion and your personal stories.
  3. Be Positive: Don’t engage in gossip or badmouth others if you can help it. There’s enough bad news out there to be had – be a source of light instead.
  4. Be Generous: Share content and promote others. You can’t expect others to share your stuff if you don’t first set the example.
  5. Be Relevant: Know your client tribe and speak to their pain points with solutions.
  6. Be Social: Remember that it’s called social When it comes to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. strive to keep at least an 80/20 ratio of relationship building to promoting your biz.
  7. Be Sally Field: If you have social proof of the popularity, effectiveness, and impact (case studies, testimonials, metrics) don’t be afraid to share the news. If they like you, that’s a good thing!

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