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Want more clients? Put your signature on it!

People don’t buy diets. They buy weight loss, vitality, feeling sexier, and more confidence.

In that same way, no one really buys coaching, consulting or training.

What they do buy is a solution to their problems. And if you can make that solution into a system, a formula, or a step-by-step model, people will clamber for it. 

With all the chaos, noise, and distractions in daily life, there is nothing more valuable that a system that makes it easy and straightforward for your clients to get their problems solved.

That’s why I teach my clients to create their own Signature System. A Signature System is a way of grouping your services together sequentially that makes your processes more easily understood and followed by your clients.

Imagine how much more powerful it is to say, “I have a 9-Step System that (fill in your results here)” than a simple “I have some things that can help you.”

Think of your Signature System as a “blueprint for success” – not only for your clients, but for you as well. It gives you an outline to follow that makes sure you cover everything in the most effective order, one that logically leads from one step to the next.

Not only that, your System helps in branding your business (it is your Signature System after all) in that it is easy for people to understand and explain to others when they speak about working with you to their friends and colleagues – who may be potential clients.

Your System is also a wealth of principles, strategies, and exercises that you can multi-purpose into other products such as group classes, home study courses, tele-classes.

Here some steps to follow when creating your own Signature System:

  1. First and foremost, your System needs to produce tangible results. Make a list of them in terms of how your client’s lives/businesses will be transformed after completing your system.
  2. Now think about how you work with your clients 1 on 1 to achieve those results. Make an outline of the steps you follow most often and in what order with a short description of each.
  3. Take a look at your outline and expand it into a set number of steps. 5 to 10 steps is about the right number, as too many more can be overwhelming and too few looks ineffective.
  4. Now give your Signature System a captivating name that incorporates the results you create and will immediately attract the attention of your market.

A Signature System will make your marketing much easier, allow you to more effectively enroll clients, and even help you more effectively lead your clients to their desired outcome.