It’s a fresh year and a clean slate. It’s time to put a PLAN together so that 2023 brings you the unbounded business success that is 100% accessible for you!

(And that won’t happen if you throw strategies at the wall like spaghetti just to see what sticks…)

You see, without a plan,

you’ll launch into next year in a panic. You’ll have some big, generalized goals – you know you need more clients, you know you need to raise your prices, you know you need to do a new course or program – but you’ll be pulled in a bunch of different directions, giving everything only half-effort.

And/or you’ll be running out of the gate without having defined a clear foundation to build from, ending up squandering opportunities because you’re not 100% sure what you’re offering, when, and to whom. (Any lack of definition in this is a business-killer).

Instead, how would you like to create a


with me, and then build from this clear roadmap?



Refine your Audience, Offers, and Marketing Message down to a “T.” We will make sure that you absolutely, completely, down-to-the-tiniest detail know exactly who your audience is, exactly what they want and will buy, and your exact marketing message.


Define and Create your ENTIRE Profit Pyramid! This is my system of 5 levels from Free Items through Webinars/Home Study Products, through Retreats Or Mid-Level Programs, through High Ticket Hybrids, to your Diamond Private Packages.


Price your Pyramid Offers and see by-the-numbers exactly how to make your desired 2023 income! Yes, we’ll look at and define every single level – the right product or program WITH PRICING so that you have an entire defined ascension model for multiple streams of income!


Determine your next Free Resource to be created (ebook, webinar, training, etc) for Audience-Building. Building your active list of followers is crucial at all times. We’ll look at what next Freebie dovetails well with your brand and will serve an immediate need of your target market. (This is Level E of the Profit Pyramid).


Reinvent your Private Packages to be wildly irresistible. We’ll look at all of the different elements you can offer for a comprehensive package to get you out of anything resembling hourly, and we’ll create your pricing and payment plans. (This is Level A of the Profit Pyramid).


Choose and plot out the NEXT indicated Group Program or Product from the middle of your Profit Pyramid. Leveraged income is so important! We’ll decide what your best one-to-many offer is exactly, including how it will be delivered, what the free lead magnets will be that lead up to purchase, and how the pricing will work to get a rush of participants. (This would be Level D, C, or B of your Profit Pyramid – as you can only do one at a time).


Spec’ out an Overview Marketing Calendar for this program, and define your THREE most effective marketing strategies. We’ll lay out the main benchmark dates for a launch, and talk about the most effective paths – specific to you – to engage your ideal clients and lead them to becoming purchasers.


Define your next specific ACTION STEPS and how to make them S.M.A.R.T. You’ll walk away with clarity about your next tasks and priorities, and how to put all of the above into forward action without overwhelm.


Do a special segment on “Pre-empting Obstacles.” Self-sabotage is our biggest risk as solo-professionals. Procrastination, fear, overwhelm, self-doubt and more can derail the best of plans. We often know “what” to do, but find ourselves not doing it. You and I will look ahead and pre-solve how you’ll handle any old patterns that have thrown you off in the past. This is perhaps the most valuable piece of the whole day together!


IF there’s extra time, we will be able to choose one additional special topic for attention: Social Media Strategy, Podcasting, Video Show, Signature Talk, Practice making High Ticket Offers, plan for Referral Parters, sections of a Sales Page, etc. (The day is already jam-packed, so this will be at our discretion if possible).

Plus…. You’ll get a PLANNING ASSESSMENT TO FILL OUT well before our day


you’ll get a 45 MINUTE FOLLOW-UP PRIVATE SESSION WITH ME 2 WEEKS LATER to celebrate your progress and answer any new questions!


“Lesli is incredibly knowledgeable about what dietitians need to know to build a successful business”

When I began working with Lesli, my business was not really going yet, but I knew I needed help in determining my audience and target message, marketing my business, and developing a “signature program”.

Lesli helped me gain confidence and shared specific ideas on how to develop a signature program & platform.

She is so encouraging and very knowledgeable about what dietitians need to know to build a successful business as well as what NOT to do, and really cares about her clients. I enjoyed working with her very much!

Cindy Dallow, PhD, RD

“The first 6 months I started working with Lesli, I was able to generate $100K”

I was at a crossroads with my business. I wasn’t making enough profit and I was working 60 to 70 hours a week. So I decided that I really needed to make some changes. I knew I really needed help on how to scale my business but I wasn’t sure how to do that. I was having people not showing up and I didn’t really know how to attract the people that I really wanted to work with.

When I first started talking to Lesli, I just felt right about everything. I felt like she got it, she understood what it was like to be in my shoes.

In the first six months of working with Lesli, we were able to generate $100K. And now going into my third year working with her, we were on track to $300K in revenue per year.

Having a coach like Lesli is the perfect thing to fill in the gaps and can bring you to the next level. Rather than waiting for 20 years, the sooner that you’re able to grow, the better.

Ashley Hurst, RD

“Lesli’s expertise as a coach is phenomenal!”

Before working with Lesli, I was disheartened with healthcare. I saw the limitations of one-on-one and the time constraints were getting to be less and less. Lesli knows what we’re going through – she understands private practice because she’s been there too.

Lesli’s expertise as a coach is phenomenal! She takes your skills and everything you have to bring to the table so you can help the people that you want to help most.

I honestly can’t imagine my professional life moving forward without me working with Lesli. I just can’t imagine it right now. I only have positive things and I’m so looking forward to what comes next.

Dr. Susan Plank, D.C.

Listen, I’m a get-things-done person.

I strategize shrewdly. I take action. I am a former RDN with a clinical private practice myself. My clients have made tens of thousands from the individual hand-holding and business design that I’ll do for YOU in a “VIP Business In A Day.”

Let’s jump ahead to the end of 2023. Where do you think you will be with a proven, defined, and detailed plan you followed, versus a fly-by-night, throw spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks kind of year?

A good question for you in considering this is what do I WANT most? What am I willing to STOP AT NOTHING to create? Am I ready to make this happen (with hand-holding!)?

(If not, then this isn’t for you of course).

I have 4 spots for this in January of 2023!

These will go “first come first served.” If you’re intrigued, this requires an application and 1:1 discussion with me to explore how we’d best use our time and what you would get out of it.

We’re talking…


No more overwhelm.


No more guesswork.


No more struggling for months on end to make progress.

You’ll get an entire year’s business strategy (with defined steps for clients and cash flow!) that would usually take months … ALL IN ONE DAY.

And wait until you hear the investment!

If you’ve been in my community, just one year ago you remember my kicking off 2022 with a small handful of these powerful, kick-ass special days for $4997.


This year, I get it. I know it’s a time where everywhere you turn you are hearing fear about the economy. (By the way, don’t give in. YOU CREATE your reality by the things you believe!).

And it has occurred to me that there’s a “catch 22” for us solo-biz-owners:

At a time when you need the most help, the most mentoring, and the most strategy to catapult your business forward, it is also most difficult to make an investment in your business.

So bottom line, I am offering 4 of these priceless VIP DAYS, INCLUDING initial assessment and follow-up session, for only $2497.

You’ll learn what actually works (and what doesn’t) from someone who’s already built a multiple-6-figure-a-year business.

“I was able to double, even triple, my income within the first 45 days of working together”

During my initial call with Lesli, I actually cried on the phone because I felt so overwhelmed and exhausted. I was constantly trying to book people left and right and it was so exhausting for me. When I first started working with Lesli, I was able to double, even triple, my income within the first 45 days of working together.  I already made up what I invested and also made additional money.

Lesli helped me create my signature program, which is something I wanted to do for a long time; I just didn’t necessarily know how to do it. My new programs are high value so I can support myself, while also offering an invaluable service to the clients who benefit from my services.

I love that Lesli has been so encouraging to me; she makes me feel like a rock star in every single one of our consults. Just having somebody that’s cheering for you and has your best interest in mind is amazing.

Brittyn Coleman, MS, RDN/LD, CLT

“I booked eight new patients and doubled my monthly income”

Before working with Lesli, I had a fee-for-service model working with older clients with chronic conditions. I didn’t have a focused message around what I did. I decided to move forward with Lesli after seeing her testimonials and experience. I could see she’s been doing this successfully for a number of years and really helps practices thrive.

With Lesli’s guidance, I launched my signature package with only three weeks to go before maternity leave. In those three weeks, I booked eight new patients and doubled my monthly income! It showed me what is really possible when I commit and continue to grow.

Emma Wilder-Pascal, ND

“I learned how to offer a successful four-day challenge”

Before I connected with Lesli, I found it really difficult to know how to get my message across to the many people in the world that I wanted to help. I didn’t know how to offer my services, or how to attract clients into my world, and into my work. I had a lot of confusion about the steps necessary to be successful in marketing. With Lesli, I learned how to offer a successful four-day challenge that not only got people to sign up but also converted them into the program that I was offering.

Lesli is extremely knowledgeable in the world of health professionals who are looking to make a big impact online. As health professionals, we’re not taught marketing, sales, advertisement, and content creation –  you certainly want to have an expert who gets results on your team. My business has grown in size and impact since working with Lesli as a result… AND my contact list has grown by 30%!

Patricia Mills, MD

Portrait of Lesli Bitel, business coach

I’ll save you tons of time, money, and errors by showing you exactly which path will take you to profits.

And don’t take my word for it! Please – read the testimonials on this page. Listen to what your fellow health practitioners have achieved. Look at their data specifically.

And remember, if you think one of these spots is YOURS, we’ll get on the phone first and make sure we both agree it’s the perfect next step before you commit.

But I urge you to act quickly! When these are gone, they’re gone.

To your success,



Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN

Lesli works with dietitians, nutritionists, and integrative functional nutrition professionals and coaches, teaching them to overcome the overwhelm and confusion associated with the business side of running a successful nutrition or coaching practice. The end result is the creation of a thriving, successful, and profitable business.

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