The Good News Is, It’s Your Fault

The Good News Is, It’s Your Fault

There’s nothing better than hitting that “sweet spot” with a potential client where I am absolutely sure I can help them, and I can clearly see the vision of the business they want to create and how to get there.

And they simultaneously see me as the mentor who will help them achieve it. It’s such a win-win for both of us, and it’s a great feeling! But there are times when I watch my clients either consciously or unconsciously put off doing what it really takes to “go get a client.”

They do everything else, except get into an enrollment conversation with a potential customer.

And I understand. I know it can be scary at first. But as they say, “the only way out is through.”

Many times, they tell me that they are almost ready. They want to make sure all their ducks are in a row before putting themselves out there. Unfortunately, this attitude sabotages their success time and again.

The truth is, you don’t have to have everything “perfect” before you get out there and start doing your amazing work in the world. There are a lot of details that sort themselves out very specifically from your taking action and seeing what works and doesn’t work – details and insights you couldn’t possibly know without the “doing.”

But the power to change things is in your hands!

Here are some of the sneaky excuses that might be holding you back from proactively going out there and getting eager, paying clients.

I’m not totally set on my niche yet.

Of course you want to choose a target market that you are uniquely qualified to help – and one that is so troubled by their “pain points” and problems that they’re willing to invest in your services.

But once you’ve done your research, it’s time to start moving. You will hone your niche as your business develops. As more becomes clear, you may even change the direction of your niche (either subtly or more significantly) to better match your unique skills and talents. And that’s OK!

I’m still crafting my Signature System.

Again, it’s great to be confident in the step-by-step system that you’ll take your clients through. But it’s not necessary to have every single concept, idea, exercise, and potential piece of homework detailed out before starting to work with clients. Your Signature System is always a work in progress – as you grow in your mastery, you’ll develop or discover additional amazing content and techniques that really help your clients. As long as you know your expertise, have a basic outline, and understand the main segments or modules you’ll take clients through, you will be fine.

My website isn’t done yet.

If I had a dime for every time I heard this one… Having a nice website is definitely important for your credibility and exposure to new prospects. But this is an insidious trap. I started a multi-six figure business without NO website, business card or logo!

Besides, with tools such as WordPress, getting a lovely, functional website up is a breeze. Once you get a basic site up there, it’s time to go out and use your charisma and intelligence to actually get clients. When you have a few high-paying folks in your practice, you can always go back and tweak or update the website to your heart’s content.

It can be very seductive to postpone going out into the world and proactively getting clients because you may feel that you’re not “perfectly” ready with every “t” crossed and “i” dotted.

But waiting too long truly costs you money, and robs the people out there who really need what you offer from getting your help.

My encouragement is that you use loving self-discipline to finish whatever preparatory tasks are at hand and get them to the point of 80% perfect (meaning that they’re just fine). Then go out there and provide your amazing relief to those who really need it. They’ll thank you (and your pocketbook will too!).

You already possess the most important things you need to enroll a new client.

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