The 6 Best Online Course Platforms for Health Professionals

The 6 Best Online Course Platforms for Health Professionals

If you’re trying to determine the best online course platform for your business, you’re not alone. The increasing demand for online courses in the health sector is creating a vibrant digital hub of learning and growth. The world is experiencing a health revolution, and it’s happening right at our fingertips.

Every day, more and more health professionals like yourself – dietitians, nutritionists, integrative and alternative health practitioners, and healthcare professionals – are leaping and transitioning their expertise online in a wide variety of health coaching niches.

Why the sudden shift, you ask?

Online courses and learning platforms are redefining the way we approach health and wellness.

Here’s how:

  • Flexibility: Your clients can learn quickly, fitting wellness into their hectic schedules.
  • Accessibility: No matter where your clients are, your wisdom and guidance are just a click away.
  • Personalization: Online courses can be tailored to cater to individual needs, making health and wellness a unique journey for each client.

I get it. You’re passionate about sharing your knowledge, but the mere thought of navigating the tech world may feel overwhelming.

Yes, the digital landscape can be complex, but guess what? You don’t have to be a tech whiz to start a successful online course. In fact, with the right online learning platform, even the most tech-averse among us can become an online course-creating rockstar.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Learning Platform for Your Community

Your online teaching journey can be both exhilarating and possibly a tad challenging. This is especially true if you’re trying to figure it all out independently!

One of the first significant steps is choosing the right online course platform. But why is this choice so important?

Consider your online course platform as your virtual classroom and clinic. Just as you’d carefully choose a physical location to offer your in-person services, the digital space where you host your online course can profoundly impact the success of your new venture. The chosen online learning platform is your realm where you’ll share valuable knowledge, interact with your students, grow your professional brand, and most importantly, it will significantly impact your students’ experience.

Student for online course looking at content

The course platform you choose should be a perfect fit not just for you, but for your clients and program as well.

Let’s break down some key reasons why your choice of the best online course platform is so vital:

  • Ease of Use: As a health professional, your focus should be on creating insightful, valuable content and fostering a supportive community for your clients. You don’t want to spend your precious time figuring out tech issues. The best online course platform will offer an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to set up and manage your course.
  • Customization: Just as each of your clients is unique, your online course should be too. A quality platform will offer customization options to tailor your course layout, content, and overall branding to match your vision and the specific needs of your audience.
  • Scalability: Your online course is a significant part of your business, and as your business grows, your platform needs to grow with it. The best online course platforms provide scalability, allowing you to add more programs, accommodate more students, and integrate additional features as your needs evolve.
  • Support and Security: In the digital world, glitches happen. A strong platform will offer robust customer support to help navigate any tech hurdles. Plus, top-tier security measures are a must to protect your content and your clients’ information.
  • Marketing and Sales Tools: The best online course platform isn’t just a place to host your course, but a tool to attract, engage, and retain your students. Look for platforms that offer integrated marketing and sales tools such as email marketing, SEO tools, and social media integrations.

Remember, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. The “best online course platform” will vary depending on your specific needs, the needs of your students, and the nature of the content you’re offering. It’s essential to explore the wide variety of your options, take advantage of trial periods, and read reviews from other users before you make a decision.

Evaluating Your Needs: The First Step to Finding the Best Online Learning Platform

Before we delve into online platforms, let’s take a step back and look at the big picture.

Identifying your unique needs is crucial in selecting the best online course platform for your health and wellness practice. This step is all about introspection and understanding the specific requirements of your business and clients. What is your goal for launching your program? Are you working towards creating passive income? Have you tapped out as far as trading hours for dollars and have already raised your rates?

Here’s a guide to help you navigate this introspection and identify critical considerations:

  • Budget: Let’s start with the numbers. What is your budget for hosting your online course? A wide range of platforms is available, from free options with basic features to premium platforms with advanced functionalities. Align your budget with your expectations from the platform and find a balance that doesn’t compromise quality.
  • Audience Size: How extensive is your client base? Are you starting small with a local audience, or do you have a more significant following? Different platforms cater to various audience sizes; some even offer scalability as you grow.
  • Course Content and Structure: What is the nature of your course content? Is it text-based, video-based, or a mix of both? Will you offer quizzes or assignments? Do you intend to offer coaching sessions in addition to your course content? Your platform should support your course structure and the content you plan to deliver.
  • Marketing Tools: Think about your marketing strategy. Some platforms offer in-built marketing tools, like email marketing services, SEO tools, and social media integration. If you plan to leverage these digital marketing strategies, consider a platform that supports them.
  • Customer Service: A platform’s customer service can be a deal-breaker. How quickly do they respond to support requests? Do they offer multiple channels of communication like an online community or Facebook group? Excellent customer service often reflects a platform that cares about its users.
  • Level of Tech Support: Your chosen platform should offer unlimited access to robust tech support, essential for those who don’t consider themselves tech-savvy. Look for platforms that provide helpful resources such as tutorials, guides, and a responsive tech support team to help you navigate any technical issues. YouTube is often a great indicator of how much support you can expect. If the course platform you are considering has tons of videos, you’re usually in safe hands.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Do you use specific tools for your business that you’d like to integrate with your online course? Integrations could include scheduling tools, payment processors, or email marketing software. Your platform should seamlessly integrate with these tools to streamline your workflow or be an all-in-one platform that addresses your needs.

Remember, the best online course platform isn’t about finding the venue with the most features but rather the one that aligns best with your unique needs.

Take your time, list your requirements, and don’t rush the process.

Choosing the right platform is like laying a solid foundation for your digital house. It’s the starting point from which you’ll build your successful online course, bringing wellness and health education to the doorsteps of your clients worldwide.

The Review Roundup: 6 Best Online Platforms for Health Professionals

1. Thinkific: The All-In-One Powerhouse

Thinkific provides a comprehensive suite of tools for creating and selling online courses.

Pros: Known for its user-friendly interface, robust feature set including additional language support, pre-built templates, and excellent customer service. Great for both beginners and experienced course creators.

Cons: Customization can be limited compared to some other platforms.

Key Features: Course creation tools, certificates, quizzes and surveys, built-in payment and payment plan processing, and marketing integrations.

Price: Free to try (1 course), $36/mo (basic with unlimited courses)

2. Teachable: Ease and Efficiency

Teachable offers a simple, efficient way to build and sell your online classes.

Pros: Simple setup and intuitive navigation, making it beginner-friendly. Powerful analytics to track student progress and course sales.

Cons: Some users find its customization options slightly limited, and there are transaction fees on the basic plan.

Key Features: Drag-and-drop course builder, integrated payment processing, affiliate, and email marketing tools.

Price: Free to try (with limitations), $39/mo (basic)

3. Practice Better: The Health-Focused Helper for Your Classes

Practice Better is designed specifically for health and wellness professionals, offering tools to manage your practice and deliver online programs.

Pros: Great for integrating your virtual classes and online courses with your overall practice management. Specialized for health and wellness professionals with legal considerations.

Cons: It might lack some of the extensive course creation features of more generalized platforms like audio files or integrated video content (although this can be solved with a small snippet of code from YouTube).

Key Features: Client management, program and session delivery, booking and scheduling, and secure client messaging.

Price: $25/mo (starter plan) with a 14-day free trial

4. Kajabi: The High-End Performer

Kajabi is a powerful, premium platform for creating, marketing, and selling individual courses and classes.

Pros: Extensive feature set for course creation and marketing. Offers high-quality design and theme customization options.

Cons: The advanced features and premium price point may not suit beginners or those on a tighter budget.

Key Features: Comprehensive course creation tools, advanced email marketing, powerful automation, and customizable website templates with an optional custom domain.

Price: $149/mo (basic plan) with a 14-day free trial

5. WordPress with Plugins: The Flexible Giant and Customized Learning Experience

WordPress, paired with the right plugins (like the LearnDash or WP Courseware learning management system), can become a versatile platform for hosting online courses.

Pros: Immense flexibility and control over your website and courses on your own domain. The ability to create a custom learning path for your students. A large variety of plugins allows for extensive customization.

Cons: Requires more tech-savviness to set up and manage. It may not provide as streamlined a process as platforms solely dedicated to course creation. Additional features like selling digital downloads or creating payment plans will require multiple plugins.

Key Features: Depending on your chosen plugins, features can range from course creation and management tools to full e-commerce solutions.

Price: ranges from $49-$499 for a dependable WordPress Course Plugin

6. Simplero: My Personal Choice for an Integrated Solution

When it comes to a personal recommendation, I can’t help but mention Simplero. This platform is my choice for hosting online courses, thanks to its integrated and streamlined approach. While Simplero isn’t a well-known platform for building courses, I can’t recommend it enough.

Pros: Simplero impresses with its all-in-one model, providing course hosting, email marketing features, and automation in one comprehensive package. This powerhouse of functionality has streamlined my workflow tremendously, eliminating the need for multiple software integrations.

Cons: While Simplero offers an extensive range of functionalities, it might initially present a steeper learning curve compared to more basic platforms. Also, depending on your budget, its pricing might seem higher compared to other options.

Key Features: In-depth course creation tools, built-in email automation and email marketing capabilities and other marketing campaigns, unlimited students, robust automation features, the ability to drip courses, restrict or allow downloadable content, and an integrated shopping cart for effortless course sales.

Price: $59/mo (starter plan)

Simplero is more than just a course platform; it’s a complete solution for running an online business. If, like me, you value a unified system that can manage multiple aspects of your business seamlessly, Simplero could very well be your best online course platform.

Each of these platforms brings its unique strengths to the table.

Your choice depends on your specific needs, your budget, your level of tech comfort, and the direction you envision for your online course journey.

Remember, the best online course platform is the one that makes your journey exciting, manageable, and rewarding!

health professional holding an online course

Kickstarting Your Digital Journey: How to Get Started on Your Chosen Platform

So, you’ve taken the plunge and chosen your best online course platform! Exciting times are ahead, and we’re here to help you hit the ground running. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started on your platform of choice:

Step 1: Set Up Your Account

The first step is to create an account. You’ll typically find a “Sign Up” or “Get Started” button on the platform’s homepage. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information such as your name, email address, and perhaps a few details about your business before you have access to the platform. Don’t forget to set a strong password to secure your account.

Step 2: Familiarize Yourself with the Platform

Spend some time exploring the platform’s interface. Click around, open menus, watch tutorial videos if they’re available, take advantage of any tools for building courses that the platform offers, and get a feel for where everything is located. This familiarization process will make the rest of your course creation journey much smoother.

Step 3: Designing Your Course

Now comes the creative part – designing your course. Start by outlining your course structure. Will it be divided into modules or lessons? Will you include quizzes or assignments? Once you have your outline, you can start creating your course on the platform. Most platforms provide a simple, intuitive process for this stage, often featuring drag-and-drop functionality.

Step 4: Uploading Content

Next, you’ll upload your course content. This could include text-based lessons, video lectures, audio clips, PDFs, or interactive elements. Each platform has different methods for uploading content, so refer to the platform’s help guides or tutorials if you’re unsure.

Step 5: Customizing the Look and Feel

Once your content is uploaded, it’s time to make your course visually appealing. Customize your course’s look and feel to match your brand image. This could involve selecting a color scheme, adding your logo, and organizing the layout of your course material. I find it helpful to look at other online course websites for inspiration on how I want my program to look and feel.

Step 6: Setting Up Payments and Policies

You’ll need to set up a payment gateway so your clients can purchase your program or online classes. Most platforms provide easy integrations with popular payment processors. This is also the time to establish your course policies – refunds, privacy, terms of service, etc.

Step 7: Marketing Your Program

Many platforms offer built-in marketing features and tools. Use these to your advantage to attract and engage potential clients. This could include email marketing, social media promotion, or even creating a captivating course trailer.

Take your time, don’t rush, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the platform’s customer support if you need assistance. This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your health and wellness practice – savor every moment of it. You’re turning your expertise into an accessible, impactful online course that will reach and inspire countless clients. You’re doing amazing!

Best Practices for Hosting Your Online Content

nutritionist creating content for an online courseEmbracing the digital space for your health and wellness practice is exciting, and while the tech side of things might seem confusing at first, a few best practices can help ensure your success.

Here’s some advice to get you started on the right foot:

  1. Engage with Your Students

Interaction is crucial in an online learning environment. Encourage questions, facilitate discussions, and provide timely feedback. Tools such as forums, Q&A sessions, and direct messaging can enhance student engagement.

  1. Keep Content Fresh

Just as in the health field, staying current is essential. Regularly update your content to reflect the latest research and trends in your field. Your students will appreciate the up-to-date knowledge and the value it brings to their learning.

  1. Craft Compelling Marketing

Promote your course effectively using a combination of social media marketing, email campaigns, and partnerships with other professionals. Effective marketing starts with understanding your target audience, so think about your ideal student and tailor your messages to resonate with them.

  1. Monitor and Adapt

Success comes from learning and adapting. Track your course’s progress, gather student feedback, and adjust accordingly. Analytics offered by your chosen best online course platform can provide invaluable insights into your course’s strengths and areas for improvement.

  1. Offer Stellar Support

A dedicated support system sets you apart. Whether it’s addressing technical issues or fielding course-related queries, be there for your students. This fosters trust and boosts the overall learning experience.

You’re not only sharing your valuable knowledge but also creating an enriching learning environment for your students. By following these practices, you’ll be well on your way to hosting successful and impactful online courses on your chosen best online course platform.

Overcoming Obstacles: Navigating Common Tech Hurdles

Technology can sometimes present us with minor roadblocks, even for the professionals, so don’t be too hard on yourself when it comes to tech troubles.

Here are a few common tech hurdles for course creators:

  • Uploading Content: It might initially be tricky to upload your course materials onto the platform. Look for the platform’s step-by-step guides or video tutorials for help, and remember that with practice, it becomes easier.
  • Setting Up Payment Gateways: Configuring the payment process can be challenging. Each platform has specific guides on integrating popular payment processors. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the platform’s support if needed.
  • Customizing Course Layout: The array of customization options can be overwhelming. Start simple and gradually enhance your course’s look and feel as you become more comfortable.
  • Connecting with Students: Managing the student engagement tools might seem complicated. Once again, the platform’s guides and tutorials are your best friends here.

Keep in mind that your chosen best online course platform ideally offers support and resources like training courses on how to get the most out of the platform. Embrace the journey, including the hurdles. Every business modality comes with its challenges. This is just part of the process.

Final Thoughts: Embrace the Digital Classroom

In today’s rapidly evolving health and wellness landscape, hosting an online course is no longer a luxury but a necessity for a lucrative private practice. Your online course empowers you to share your expertise broadly, impact more lives positively, and thrive in your practice.

The best online course platform for you is one that aligns with your unique needs and comfort level. It should facilitate your journey rather than complicate it, leaving you to focus on what you do best – educating and inspiring.

So, explore your options, take the leap, and embrace the future of healthcare. Your digital classroom awaits, and it’s more exciting than ever imagined. Remember, you’re not just teaching a course; you’re creating a vibrant learning community centered around health and wellness. And that’s something truly remarkable.

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services that I genuinely believe in and have personally used. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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Lesli Bitel, MBA, RDN, LDN, is a sought-after Business Strategist and Mentor specializing in guiding integrative and functional medicine professionals through the complexities of practice building.

Her mission is to unravel the confusion associated with the business side of running a successful private practice. Lesli focuses on real-world marketing and client attraction strategies to seamlessly integrate multiple income streams into the private practice business model, including

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For over a decade, she has empowered practitioners to overcome business challenges, attract ideal clients, and diversify income streams for thriving practices. Lesli offers private coaching, classes, webinars, and more, dividing her time between Salida, CO, and Lake Geneva, WI.

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