You Must Be Present to Win

You Must Be Present to Win

Have you ever entered a raffle and read on the ticket these words: YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN?

Won’t it be great to win in a raffle by just “being present”?

Having your own business is very much the same. You must be “present” in every way in order to succeed. For example, Woody Allen was quoted as saying that “80% of success is just showing up.” That’s certainly a good start however, it takes more than that to build a thriving business and realize your dream. 

They say that in the restaurant business the most common reason for failure is what’s called “absentee ownership”. An example is where the owner hires a manager, then employees, etc. and then takes a powder. It tells us that they don’t have a consistent hand in the regular operations and strategies of their business. 

Being an entrepreneur is not a “set it and forget it” kind of deal. 

I’ve had some clients in the past that seem to care less about their businesses than I did! It is amazing on how often they would not follow through on their commitments, and then make excuses for failing to follow through. On top of that, they are not even getting close to going the extra mile. 

And this was their income! Their business and their dream! 

“I ran out of time…”

“I didn’t get to it…”

“It was very tiring…”

“There was so much to do…”

“I forgot…”

The bad news is that there are people out there who are playing to win. They have decided to stop making excuses and start making decisions (and follow them up with inspired action!)

The world needs your gifts but it is not going to wait for you. That’s just reality. 

So…are you ready for the good news? Here goes:

IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT. You are to blame. The finger is pointing at you. 

Did you just choke? Or get angry? Maybe you need to reinvent your relationship with the words “fault” and “blame.” 

What if instead, I said, you are responsible. Is that a little better? How about taking it one step further. 

At the end of the day, you are the one accountable for what happens in your business. Not your coach, your team, your spouse, or “the Universe.” 

By taking 100% full responsibility for your business and your life, you become empowered to make it different!

And here’s the brilliant bit: it doesn’t matter if it’s “true.” Just act as if you are responsible and take steps to change course, make a different choice, take the right action. 

Now get in the game and play as you mean it. Play to win! 

If you’re ready to step up, stand out and shine and want to take the fast-track to success, work with me and we’ll get your private practice working for you!

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