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Perfectly Imperfect

I read a great phrase the other day: “Perfect is the enemy of done.”

Truer a word was never spoken. My husband Tim, who is a writer, likes to say, “Don’t get it right, get it written.”

But it is so tempting to fiddle. You know what I mean.

Endless tweaking and futzing with your website…

Hours and hours spent laboring over the “elevator speech” that you have yet to actually use…

Fretting over countless revisions of your logo or business card…

But here’s the thing; people don’t hire you because you’re perfect. They hire you because they believe you can help them, they resonate with your message, and they relate to who you are.

They are really buying a connection to you and your point of view.

Sure, they need to be intrigued and inspired by the solution you have that will solve their most desperate problems. That’s a given. You must offer awesome service and create real results for them.

What your potential clients crave (and we all do, actually) is human connection – with you.  They will be enrolled in your services by the connection you create with them. And the more connection you create, the faster you will get clients. And you’ll have more fun too!

You see, perfect is also the enemy of connection.

The truth is, humans are a little rough around the edges, unpredictable, and well, imperfect. I’m not saying that you should be sloppy and slip-shod.

Just don’t sweat the small stuff and ignore the “human factor” when it comes to creating a relationship with your tribe. A perfect website but no rapport with your audience is a waste of time.

Most importantly, try to be as authentic and transparent as you can. Let them know about your challenges as well as your triumphs. It’s this kind of honesty that lets them know that we’re all on the journey together.