You’re IN for the Brand New, 4-Day Masterclass Challenge:

“Multiple Streams of Income for Your Health Practice”

DAY 1 (Feb 7 @ 5 pm PST/ 8 pm EST): Your Profit Pyramid: Defining the Ideal Programs, Packages, and Services to Offer at Each Level

DAY 2 (Feb 8 @ 5 pm PST/ 8 pm EST): Your Grand Total Income: The Metrics, Numbers, Pricing, and Participants to Hit Your Desired Yearly Goal

DAY 3 (Feb 9 @ 5 pm PST/ 8 pm EST: Your Focused Next Steps: The What, How, and Why for Maximum Streams of Income

DAY 4 (Feb 10 @ 5 pm PST/ 8 pm EST): LIVE Laser Coaching, Questions & Answers, and Feedback so You Can SOAR

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Woo-hoo, you’re going to learn how to recession-proof your business for steady, consistent income!

Now, here are FOUR things you must do right away:

1. Join our Facebook Group right here. And please bookmark the page – this is where the video trainings will take place! (And during the training you’ll get your handouts and worksheets inside our group, too!)

2. Make a note NOW of the exact dates and times of the trainings and put them in your calendar!

3. Lastly, please share about this training with your friends and colleagues! Just be sure to send them here:

I’ll see you on the 7th!

Can’t wait to help you build multiple streams of income!

Lesli is a Skilled Coach That Can Help You Scale FAST!

Prior to joining the EPIC group, I was stuck mostly with marketing and improving my website and needed ideas on how to get my name out there and market with purpose rather than by accident. I was really attracted to her [EPIC] group program because I got not only her expertise but also a community of other practitioners to connect with!

In my time working with Lesli I was able to create a website video – something I had been wanting to do forever – and design free challenges to get more clients. Lesli asks very poignant questions that help you get the heart of what you are trying to accomplish. She is especially helpful for practitioners just starting out who want to scale fast and aren’t sure how to do that,and she gives you the tools you need to stay focused on the things that matter for your bottom line.

Amanda Sauceda MS, RDN, CLT

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