Knowledge is the Booby Prize - Lesli Bitel Coaching
Lesli Bitel registered dietitian coach

Knowledge is the Booby Prize

“Tell me and I will listen, show me and I will remember, involve me and I will understand.” – Confucius

There is an acronym (KAS) that says that whenever one seeks training there is a gap in Knowledge, Attitude, or Skill.

Training usually addresses the Knowledge and Skill, but rarely addresses the Attitude. But it is the attitude piece – which can also be thought of as motivation, mindset, mental framing, tenacity, integrity, etc. – that really separates the successful from the failures.

Knowledge without action behind it is worthless. And action is impossible without enough motivation and mindset.

Training will always focus on the task, skill or job to be learned. Coaching takes a step beyond this, and becomes a powerful compliment to Training.

My service position in my business model is that of Coach and Trainer. The skills and strategies I have used to build my business are the basis of my teachings.

But it is my college degrees, MBA, extensive coach training, and my successful business coaching career that allows me to combine the strategic with the inner work. I have found this to be a potent combination.

According to some research, the retention rate as a result of Training is about 20%. But, when combined with Coaching, the retention increases dramatically to over 80%!

It is also claimed that Coaching can increase ROI to a whopping 6-1!

That’s why I suggest that when you are looking to get trained, find someone (whether it’s me or someone else) that combines the ability to teach you the skills you need AND can coach you to actually in breaking through your inner blocks so you can actually implement what you are learning.