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Is Your Billboard Blank?

I’m amazed at how many business owners miss this simple way of marketing their services.

It’s what I would call prime marketing real estate. And it’s completely free.

What is it?

It’s that little space below your email signature. When this space is used in a creative way, it can entice your readers to be inspired, intrigued, and most importantly, take action.

It’s like having your own little promotional billboard on the information highway!

Some actually leave this space blank except for their name. While others put “Visit My Website” and call it good. Zzzzzzzz.

Not exactly what I would call a compelling call to action! In fact, you see that phrase so many places that your eyes just skip over it.

It may sound crass, but every marketing message must answer this one basic (and very human) question in the mind of your prospects:

“What’s in it for me?”

Instead of “Sign up for my Ezine”, you might say, “For tools and tips on how to make more money in less time, click here!”

Or let’s say you’re a massage therapist, you might put, “Back sore from reading emails all day? Click here for some soothing tips that will save your neck!”

Change your email signature regularly. Again, if it’s something people see all the time, they just start to glance over it and block it out!

There are lots of tidbits you can put in your signature. For example:

  • Any current promotions – classes, programs, products
  • Your “free taste” offer on your website.
  • An upcoming live event you are hosting or promoting
  • A link to a new article or video you’ve just posted

Remember to have a clear call to action and an active link. Use a different color font, bolding, italics, and keep it fresh. Intrigue, inform, entertain, and get more clients!