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How to Work the Room Like a Rockstar

As well as hosting my own live events, I also attend a number of to-notch conferences every year.

If you’re serious about building your business, you must spend a certain amount of time, energy, and money attending and sponsoring at events in our industry.

And, as a savvy businessperson, you want to make sure that you are getting the best return on the investment you make on these events.

Now, one thing you immediately get out of any good conference is the actual content you absorb while there.

But there are real opportunities in the people you meet, the networking you do, and the kind of impact you have on the room as well.

That being said, here are some sure-fire tips you can use to maximize your ROI when you attend your next event:

Spread the Word.  If you’re attending an event where there may be potential clients, make sure you let everyone know that you’ll be there. Use social media, your blog and newsletter as well as your published calendar to publicize what you’re up to. And while you’re at the event, you’re your community engaged by updating your social media with all the top things you are learning!

Take the Spotlight.  You might be tempted to sit in the back and just quietly listen to all the great stuff going on. But the soul of marketing is making others aware of you and what your business offers. That means you need to be seen.

So when it’s time for Q & A, grab the mic and ask an intelligent and useful question or share a breakthrough. And every time you do, start by saying, “Hi, I’m ___________ and I help (your clients niche) achieve (the results you create).”  Or some other short version of your biz description that includes whom you serve and how you help them.

That way, you have just told the entire room who you are and what you do in a fraction of the time it would take to hand out 150 business cards.

Say “Thank You.”  If you really got a lot out of the event, create a testimonial for the host. Many times, they will have a camera set up on site where you can film a short piece for them right there.

If not, you can just write them and communicate succinctly how much you appreciated what they created. If they feature it on their website or other marketing materials, it’s a great way for you to get more exposure to their audience.

And it’s a nice way to give back to someone who has mentored you well.

Get Theirs.  Be much more focused on getting business cards than giving them out. If you want to create a lasting connection, the follow-up is going to be up to YOU. You don’t want to count on them to keep your card and then remember to contact you.

Be proactive, follow up as soon as possible and send them something interesting or of value, not just “Hi! How are ya?” Better yet, follow up with an invitation to grab a Zoom chat.

With a little forethought and mindfulness, you can turn your attendance into a new client or two!