Getting Over Overwhelm

Getting Over Overwhelm

I love owning my own business. The freedom, flexibility, autonomy, and creativity are sublime.

But one of the drawbacks is that we not only have to do the daily tasks and take the actions that will create the results we want, we have to FIGURE OUT what those tasks and actions are in the first place!

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed. At any given time, we have more ideas than we could humanly follow through on, we have several effective strategies for marketing and sales to choose from, we have outreach to do, calls to make, material to create, clients to service… the list goes on and on.

And unfortunately, when we get too overwhelmed we can become paralyzed – and get nothing done!

However, recognizing this tendency and utilizing certain helpful tools to counteract those feelings of chaos can make a BIG difference – and has helped me time and again to focus on that which matters most!

  • Income Producing Activities First: It’s very easy at the start of the day to get sidetracked with checking emails, finishing new curriculum, organizing your desk, reviewing client notes, and a host of other distractions… usually, because these things are easiest or they’re screaming out for attention (like that damned voicemail light flashing).Instead, each morning ask yourself what 2 or 3 tasks you could accomplish that day that will directly lead to income.  Choose wisely and then allocate time for these tasks in your schedule immediately – before you attend to all those other items.
  • Slow and Steady Wins the Race: As long as you’re taking action, you’re moving forward.  But it’s impossible to follow through on every single suggestion or strategy you may come across – there just isn’t enough time in the day.  So take each step of your business growth and development one-at-a-time, do things thoroughly and effectively, and only then move to the next indicated action.
  • A Proven Business-Building System: When it comes to growing a thriving coaching practice, there’s a sequential way to do things that’s most effective. Where one thing leads logically to the next.  For example, you’re not going to design your service programs and packages before you’ve chosen your ideal target market.  You’re not going to move into facilitating groups before you’ve learned how to successfully enroll one-on-one clients.Find colleagues and mentors who can be your “support team” and guide you in the right direction, in the right order, in the right timing because they’ve BEEN there.  There’s nothing like getting the straight scoop from someone you trust to abolish that overwhelm!

If you’re playing big, it’s natural to feel bogged down sometimes. But if you slow down, assess the return on each potential action, follow a logical progression of tasks and strategies, and just “stay in the game” one next step at a time, you can grow your business without losing your mind.

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