Have You Jumped Into the Gold Rush? - Lesli Bitel Coaching
Lesli Bitel registered dietitian coach

Have You Jumped Into the Gold Rush?

A common saying in advertising is that it is much less expensive to get a former customer to buy again than to gain a brand new customer. And that’s especially true with regards to service-oriented businesses!

That’s why former clients and contracts are like GOLD!

I try to make it a practice to check in with former clients whenever I am offering a new program or package. In fact, I either place a call or email them directly to invite them to participate.

Keeping in touch with former clients has proven a sound practice for me. Not only do I truly care how prior clients are doing, but also my rate of “return” clients is actually quite high.

Also, I keep records of potential clients with whom at some point in the past I have done a complimentary session or otherwise talked to about working together. While they may not have signed on at that time – perhaps it wasn’t the right “fit” at that point — they may very well sign on to work with me now if the offer and timing is right!

In other words, anyone who already knows me, whether they’ve already worked with me at some point or at least had an exploratory conversation with me in the past, is much more likely to sign on for a future program than a brand new client who is a stranger to me.

So I do honor and revere those relationships, and treat them like gold. It’s a special joy when a former client says, “Yes, count me in” for a current program or package.