Go get a client!

Go get a client!

The number one reason small businesses fail is a lack of cash flow early on. And the best way to ensure cash flow is to have clients.

Let me tell you the secret: you don’t have to have everything completely worked out in order to start helping people (and making money.) There are some things in your business that can only be figured out by getting out there and doing it.

Here are some tips that can help you get started now:

1.  Get Out of Your Head. We are told that we must focus on a group of people (a niche market) in order to be successful. If you try to reach everyone, you’ll reach no one. Unfortunately, you won’t find your perfect clients by sitting around thinking about it for weeks. The fastest way to discover your tribe is to make a decision, get a few clients, and adjust as you go.

2.  It’s In Your Story. Your “content” – what you do etc. – is secondary to creating a relationship with your audience. This is the reason many of us have a “mess to success” story that we share with our clients. It creates an instant connection with exactly the right people. It is your personal story that is more powerful than any other marketing technique.

3.  Just a Few Steps Ahead. You don’t have to have it all perfect or completely figured out to help people. Your life experience, as well as your expertise, is valuable to others. Remember: to a 4th grader, a 6th grader is a superhero!

4. Heart-Centered Service. You may need to “unlearn” what you think you know about marketing. Most of us were programmed to think sales are about convincing, manipulating, and pushing. Marketing and sales are merely effectively offering a vital solution to someone who desperately needs it.

5.  Your Fees Are a Gift.  Your clients will not get results from something they don’t value. Commitment creates value. When they have “skin in the game” they take their commitment seriously and produce. Don’t be afraid to charge what your services are truly worth.

6.  Fail Quickly. The most valuable lessons are learned through mistakes. Don’t stall forever by trying to avoid making any errors before taking action. Do your homework, make a decision and move forward. The sooner you learn what works and what doesn’t, the closer you are to your goal. Take “failure” as just more information, chance tactics, and try again.

Now, get out there and get some clients!

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