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Ho Ho Ho, it's time for some digital holiday cheer! 


With our thoughts, we create the world. You can use your thoughts to create an awesome life through this wonderful audiobook. 

Turn More Website Visitors Into Clients

In this short workshop, Jess will walk you through how to improve and optimize your website so that you can start getting more clients. Learn how to build authority, traffic, and your business!

6 Steps to YES! on Your Next Sales Call Video Training (value $497)

For Coaches, Healers & Online Experts:

  • Learn how to sell your service without being pushy
  • Discover the ONE thing that could be killing sales in your business right now
  • Master the 6 essential steps of a heart-centered enrollment conversation, and exactly what to say for each one — you get the script!
  • Recognize how to stand out on sales calls with a lasting impression that leads to a YES

Should you be offering digital nutrition courses with cooking demos?

Absolutely! I'm here to support you with the content and tools you need to get started. This 15-page ebook, "Your Ultimate Guide to Virtual Cooking Demos", supports you in getting started with a strategy and tools needed to incorporate cooking demonstrations into your virtual services.

5 Copywriting Mistakes That Cost Your Business Money AND How to Avoid Them

This report is for you if:

1) You’re frustrated – feeling your marketing message is weak and tired.
2) Struggling with finding powerful words to promote your product or service.
3) Feel like you’re spending hours of energy on marketing and still not attracting the right clients.

Foundations of Content Marketing Guide

If your marketing is not bringing you paying customers, it should be! Stop wasting time and money with your marketing. Read this guide before you post one more piece of content online!

Sell More Online

A Guide for Practitioners plus a chance to win a Brand/ Marketing Audit from STRING Marketing (a $1500 value)

List Growth Game Plan

Quickly build your list and gain your first 1000 email subscribers (without any ad spend)

SOPs Made Simple

Setting Up Standard Operating Procedures in Your Nutrition Business

A Dietitian's Guide to Professional Speaking: Expert Advice for Pitching, Presenting & Getting Paid (e-book)

This book has everybody talking… literally! Whether you’re an experienced presenter or just starting out, if public speaking is your ultimate high or your recurring nightmare, you’ll appreciate the incredible wealth of information, insight and intimate details in A Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking.

The Successful Practitioner: E-Book

Do you dream of having an online business but don't know how to make it stand out from the crowd? Are you excited to bring your health or coaching business to new clients but struggling to reach them? Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressure to make it work? Then this one's for you! You can make your business your full-time career and this book will show you how.

Healthy Holiday Sides With Fewer Than 9 Ingredients

This mini recipe book contains dietitian-approved recipes that are quick and easy to make. Plus, the whole family will love them!

Are you sick of waiting around for clients to find you on HealthProfs?

Tired of feeling like each new client that comes your way is just a random fluke? In this 3 part video series you'll learn the top 3 things most health pros do that stop them from getting clients online (and what to do instead). Wanna get fully booked with clients who can't wait to work with you? This training is for you!

3 months of Meal Garden for the price of 1

Get 3 months of Meal Garden for the price of 1 and BONUS - any participants will automatically be entered for a chance to win a web cam & yeti mic for all of their digital business needs.

Business Breakthrough Session

Frustrated with a lack of results?
Feel like no one is seeing you?

I encourage you to sign up for this powerful 1:1 coaching session to:
+ Get real clarity on what is keeping you stuck (it's likely not what you think!)
+ Create a vision for what is next that is so clear, it's easy to make happen
+ Customized next steps aligned with how you want to show up in your business

December 2020 Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Marketing Planner + 10 FREE Social Media Graphics!

Designed for nutrition, health and wellness businesses to plan content for their newsletter list, blog post, and social media share.

about me

I’m Lesli Bitel – Business Coach and Mentor for Wellness Professionals. For years I’ve been committed to the health and healing of our planet, supporting health pros in getting their wonderful work out into the world through coaching, programs, speaking, workshops, and more.

After a very challenging 2020 (and we’re not out yet!) I felt what better way to uplift and inspire than to create a festive digital shindig to join together in receiving a bounty of holiday gratitude!

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