MAY 3, 4 & 5


Long gone are the days of only a 1:1 practice. The online world has made it easier than ever to develop multiple, lucrative streams of income. And with many offerings, your business is not “dependent” on only one – setting you up for financial security.

This depends on creating an online funnel (or funnels) that offer followers different ways to engage with your work depending on their budget and needs – and the beauty is that it’s highly automated!

And not having various offers at various price points means leaving money on the table if someone isn’t a fit for your “one and only” offer.

Just take a look at what we’ll be covering in this ALL-NEW, 3-DAY MASTER TRAINING:

Portrait of Lesli Bitel, Business Coach for Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs

DAY 1 (May 3): Designing Your Profit Pyramid Levels, The Strategic Funnel from First Experience to Paying Client, My 7 Step Revenue Roadmap

DAY 2 (May 4): Course Matrix for Creating Your Programs, Pivotal Considerations for Course Design and Structure

DAY 3 (May 5): Funnel Dealbreakers, Critical Must-Do’s for Successful Launches (Filling your Course / Selling Your Product!)

PLUS – Each day will have a Q&A session with LIVE Laser Coaching!

Registration for this 3-Day Master Training also includes access to my private Multiple Streams of Income for Health Professionals Facebook group, where there is a ton of great information, guidance, resources, and a community of like-minded health pros.   It’s my gift to you!