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Friends, this time offers a wonderful opportunity for Health Professionals:

It’s a time where you can actually get people’s undivided attention!

It’s a time where people are realizing that their health is their most important commodity!

It’s a time where your message is a salve to people in fear and pain, and many are more motivated than ever before!

To this end, I want to support you with my ALL-NEW, 4-PART LIVE TRAINING happening May 26-29th:

“Fill Your Kickass Online Course – Here’s How” Live No-Cost Training!

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  • DAY 1 ( May 26): "How And Why To Offer Group (Leveraged) Programs Using A Sales Funnel"
  • DAY 2 (May 27): "How To Create A Winning Funnel to Fill An Upcoming Online Course"
  • DAY 3 (May 28): "How To Set Up An “Evergreen” Funnel To Sell Home Study Programs 24/7"
  • DAY 4 (May 29): "5 CRITICAL Keys For Creating and Selling Your Successful Online Course (including how to be PAID to create a Home Study Course!)"

Registration for this Masterclass includes a Downloadable Workbook and access to Recordings!

It's my gift to you!

Lesli Bitel, MBA (Global Business), BS (Dietetics), BAA (Health Fitness Promotion), RDN, LDN.

Lesli works with integrative functional nutrition professionals and coaches, teaching them to overcome the overwhelm and confusion associated with the business side of running a successful nutrition or coaching practice. The end result is the creation of a thriving, successful, and profitable business.

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Registration for this Masterclass includes a Downloadable Workbook and access to Recordings!

It's my gift to you!

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Gay Riley


Doubled My Income!

After working with Lesli, my income doubled!  I am now booking the right clients and am working smarter for the money.

I was struggling with how to communicate the right message to people who were looking for a practitioner or a mentor, how to spend my time wisely and charge for my services so I could truly deliver my time whole-heartedly to myself and clients.

Lesli taught me to organize my business, structure my fees, define the perfect client, and how to attract those people. As a result of working with Leslie my work has really become more enjoyable.

Lesli's experience gives her the ability to pick up on areas that I really didn’t think about but that have made an impact on the way I work and my bottom line.

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