How Would You Like The Best Secrets, Strategies, and Tools WITH Individual Coaching and Direct Feedback From Lesli PLUS An Amazing Support Community To Catapult The Success Of Your Wellness Practice…?

You can see that your dream of a thriving, lucrative, and fulfilling wellness business is absolutely within in your reach.  You’re already on your way, and you are committed to making great money doing what you love and changing lives.

Yet… you know there is a lot you don’t yet know about how to attract and enroll high-paying clients easily and consistently. 

  • Where do you find them?  
  • What exactly do you offer?  
  • How do you speak about it?  
  • Should you also do groups or other leveraged offerings? 
  • How do you become known and build your following? 
  • What should you charge?


You don’t have to figure this all out on your own.  You can be mentored from someone who has been there and done that, and coached many others to do the same for years now!

Get Serious About Success. Leave No Room For Mistakes.
Join The Elite Private Inner Circle.

As a New January EPIC member you get:


Get easy to follow instructions on the most effective, step-by-step, and results-generating strategies to create a profitable and sustainable practice that brings you ideal clients and income consistently.


Your attitude and beliefs influence 100% of your results. You’ll learn the tools to master your mindset, super-charge your business, and get yourself winning again and again.


Receive unparalleled direct support from me personally during our group coaching calls. Get 1:1 time to work through your most pressing issues and questions. This kind of focused feedback and coaching is usually reserved for my private clients!


We all need cheerleaders and fans. You’ll receive support and inspiration from a group of gifted private practice business owners.


As an accredited Continuing Education Provider, RDNs can earn 4 CEUs each month you’re signed up to the membership. That’s a total of 16 CEUs when you complete the 4 month minimum required commitment.


All coaching calls are tailored to what your business needs. No issue is too big or small when it comes to growing your profitable private practice.


"I more than doubled my client base in less than 6 months."


Are You Ready To Make Your Mark… To Make The Impact On The World That Only You Can Offer… And To Make An Abundant Living Doing It?

EPIC 2019

EPIC is a monthly membership and mastermind, giving you the best secrets, strategies and tools with individual coaching and direct feedback.

Not every marketing trend, business blueprint, or sales system will work for your private practice.

Private practice is a unique business model that requires unique skills.

Elite Private Coaching Inner Circle (EPIC) is the place for you to access proven, critically appraised business training that actually works for your private practice.

It’s the head start you need to sell the right package to the right people at the right time.

Turn your passion into profit. Forever. Without working yourself into the ground, missing all your kid’s important milestones, and never taking unpaid leave again.

As part of the Elite Private Coaching Inner Circle, you’ll be able to maintain a thriving private practice day after day.


"I created a BIG payday of revenue and best of all, I can repeat it over and over again!"


Here's What You Get When You Join Today:

  • A unique group of no more than 10 participants so that everyone gets individual 1:1 attention during every coaching call. Plus, this way you can create accountability buddies and bond as a sacred support community and even create JV’s and referral partnerships!
  • TWO 90-minute small group video calls monthly. This includes skill and strategy training for the first 30 minutes, and then laser coaching around real-time questions and issues you’re having with building your practice. Everyone gets a turn! (See the list of potential topics below).
  • A Private, Online Community for your unique group and Lesli to share stories, ask for feedback, celebrate wins, and provide support 24/7.
  • Handouts, worksheets, and additional resources from Lesli as relevant to enhance your learning and hold you accountable to forward movement.
  • Each new member gets a 30 minute private coaching session to get the ball rolling. We’ll focus on creating the foundational elements of your practice such as positioning, how to describe what you do in a powerful way that attracts clients, or how to create a signature program.
  • RDNs can earn 4 CEUs per month. This equates to a minimum of 16 CEUs with the 4 month minimum required commitment.

This is the way to receive 1:1 coaching from me every-other-week for a fraction of what my private clients pay!

So What’s The Investment?

You’ll invest just $297/month for as long as you remain a part of this incredible small-group coaching program (instead of the regular fee for non-LLB participants of $347/month!). *

As a special bonus if you register by December 31st for a January start you’ll receive your 4th month ABSOLUTELY FREE!  No charge, nothing, nada.

*The EPIC Program requires a 3-month commitment and then moves into month-to-month. Your 4th month is no-charge. You can pause at any time with 30 days notice, as this is only fair to your group-mates. If you pause and come back later, you may be subject to the regular $347 monthly course investment at that time. So stay with us and stay committed!


I Urge You To Dig Deep Inside And Ask Yourself If You Are COMMITTED To Growing A Prosperous And Rewarding Wellness Business. If So, I Challenge You To Find Anything Else So Affordable With This Level Of Personal Attention And Insider Strategies.

"I studied Dietetics and Exercise Physiology inlege, did my post-grad internship at Cook County Hospital, and then worked at Northwestern Memorial Hospital where I performed both clinical work as well as corporate wellness.  

With all of this experience behind me, I confidently opened my own practice in 2007 as a Registered Dietitian and health coach.

It was so much harder than I’d imagined. Clients would come and go, but there was no consistency.

I had to figure out a way to make it work. I took the big steli of heading back to school to get my MBA in global business. I also hired a proven business coach to teach me the ins and outs of attracting consistent, loyal, and high-paying clients.

Having that extra knowledge transformed my business. Completely.

As my business started building, I realized I was an anomaly. I saw so many other wonderful and highly skilled clinicians still stumbling with the business side of their practices, promoting their services, enrolling clients, and charging what they’re worth. In some cases even closing their doors due to the struggles.

Entrepreneurism isn't taught alongside physiology and medical nutrition therapy but it’s just as important when it comes to making a difference in your client’s lives. My business acumen made it possible for me to succeed.

I knew I could have the biggest impact mentoring and teaching the skills that are lacking in health professional education."

Hi, I’m Lesli Bitel, MBA (Global Business), BS (Dietetics), BAA (Health Fitness Promotion), RDN, LDN. 

Questions? We Have Answers!

How and where does this all happen?

It happens on 90 minute Zoom video calls. Zoom has that cozy, hanging out and changing the world from our living room vibe. Plus, there’s our secret Facebook group too. The magic of epic happens in our secret Facebook group. The support and sense of community in our group is amazing. We discuss a lot of things that aren’t covered anywhere else. Last week we spoke about how to price programs. I also provide handouts, worksheets, templates, documents, and PDFs as needed.

How big are the EPIC groups?

10 -12 people max. We’re a small tight knit group where everyone gets personalized attention.

Who can join EPIC?

EPIC is great for licensed practitioners including RDNs and LDNs. If you’re an MD, DO, ND, LAC or DC and you’re interested, apply now too! With enough interest, EPIC can be run with a small group of wellness coaches + health coaches, too.

What if I miss a coaching call?

You can submit your questions prior to the call and I’ll answer them on the call. All coaching calls are recorded and are sent out to everyone the next day via email.

How can I stay motivated and accountable?

We have a Monday and Friday check-in in our group. On Monday I’ll ask you to commit to your most important goals for the week. On Friday I’ll ask how your week went and what you accomplished. Accountability partners can be arranged too.

What if I need more coaching?

I offer a 1:1 program that’s completely 100% personalized and customized. You can upgrade at any time.

Can I pay upfront?

Yes! Apply now and we can arrange that.

What if I’m just starting out? Is EPIC suitable for beginners?

Yes! Everyone gets a 30 minute private coaching session, so we can clarify some of the foundational components of your businesses. If you’re fresh out the business gates, then I’ll provide extra recorded trainings to get you up and running faster.

Is this suitable for advanced business owners?

Yes! In fact, many of my private clients go to EPIC after our 6 month private coaching is over. If you’re looking for advanced trainings and coaching, EPIC will give it to you.

How often are the coaching calls?

You start with a private 30 minute kick off call. Then, our group coaching calls take place every second week.

How often is new content added?

You’ll get access to handouts, templates and resources as required by your business goals, plans + actions.