Don’t Overlook Your Next Ideal Client

Don’t Overlook Your Next Ideal Client

Do you realize that you could find a potential client just about anywhere?

What I mean is that when you get into a conversation with someone. Whether it be at a networking event or at a dinner party, your potential client can be there. Even when doing volunteering, in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, or anywhere else you might strike up a conversation.

You have the opportunity to powerfully present what you do, and to invite them to chat about it further in a follow-up phone call IF they fit your target market and you can genuinely help them.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you go around looking at everyone you meet as a potential “mark” – quite the opposite.  If you really listen when you meet people, and really hear who they are and what they may be struggling with, why shouldn’t you offer your services if it’s a possible “fit?”

I’ll never forget meeting a young woman at a workshop I was taking (I was a fellow student), and upon finding out she was a newer private practice dietitian and struggling with business building, I offered her a complimentary “Business Breakthrough Session.” 

It came genuinely from my heart based on what we were discussing. I knew I could potentially guide her and train her to accomplish great results.  And guess what?  She turned out to become a wonderful long-term client!

Always remember to share the joy of what you do whenever it’s appropriate.  You never know where your next, grateful client will be!

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