Charge What Your Work is Worth

Charge What Your Work is Worth

Question: How do you price your product, service, or program and then present that offer confidently?

Answer: You need to clearly know how much the results your offer creates for your clients are worth to them.

In order to determine that, there are 4 basic areas you need to explore from their perspective:

  1. What is the financial cost of not solving this problem?
  2. What is the emotional cost of not solving this problem?
  3. What is the financial return on investment of working with you?
  4. What is the emotional return on investment of working with you?

You may want to do some sleuthing to discover the answers to these questions. The more you know about their felt needs and wants, the better you can be at communicating the value of what you do and boldly challenge them to make a decision now.

Ask your current clients (these questions can be a great way to frame a case study or testimonial).

Imagine how your “ideal client” would answer these questions.

Finally, explore these questions when you are in a discovery call or enrollment conversation with a prospective client. This is where you can tailor your understanding of their pain points and aspirations directly to them.

The more you can quantify the benefits of working with you in a tangible way, the easier it is for both you and your client to be completely at ease with your pricing.

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