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Video Marketing for Health & Wellness Business

Here’s a marketing nugget that you may not wish to hear: video marketing for your health & wellness business is the way that most of your audience wishes to connect with you. It’s a key component to growing your health and wellness business as a Nutritionist.  Here’s why.  At the crux of it, successful marketing […]


How to Build Your Nutrition Practice From the Ground UP

How do you build your nutrition practice from the ground up? We’ve all seen the “Make Money Now With Online Courses, Challenges, Instagram, Facebook Groups, And More!” We are bombarded day after day with ways to make income. It’s all too easy to be sidetracked by the latest shiny object (can you relate?) we think […]


How to Work the Room Like a Rockstar

If you’re serious about building your business, you must spend a certain amount of time, energy, and money attending and sponsoring at events in our industry.

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You like me, you really like me!

It was 1985 when Sally Field gushed that memorable phrase to the star-studded audience at the Academy Awards. Afterward, she had to endure countless jokes about her proclamation. Poor Sally. Although she was accused of being insecure (and worse), the only “faux pas” she actually committed was to transparently voice the exact feeling that almost […]

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The Good News Is, It’s Your Fault

There’s nothing better than hitting that “sweet spot” with a potential client where I am absolutely sure I can help them, and I can clearly see the vision of the business they want to create and how to get there. And they simultaneously see me as the mentor who will help them achieve it. It’s […]