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You're In!

I’m so delighted to have you joining me for

“Bookin' Clients & Takin' Names” Live Training!

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You have 3 critical next steps:

  1. Please immediately join my Facebook Group Build Your Killer Practice - Online and Off - For Health And Wellness Pros . This is where all of the live trainings will take place and where the recordings will be.  Plus, you’ll join a like-minded group of fellow health professionals for spirited discussion about how to book clients, make income, and truly serve during this unprecedented time!

  2. Click here to download the workbook before the masterclass, and have it printed and ready for the training!

  3. Please put each of these training dates into your calendar at 10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT, 1pm ET

  • DAY 1 ( Sep 22): "The Hottest Online and Offline Lead Generators"
  • DAY 2 (Sep 23): "Designing Crazy-Good, High-Ticket Packages"
  • DAY 3 (Sep 24): "My 6-Step 'Sell It Like Ya Mean It' Consultation Method"

Can’t wait to help you build an amazing and lucrative practice!

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Amanda Sauceda


Lesli is a Skilled Coach That Can Help You Scale FAST!

Prior to joining the EPIC group, I was stuck mostly with marketing and improving my website and needed ideas on how to get my name out there and market with purpose rather than by accident. I was really attracted to her [EPIC] group program because I got not only her expertise but also a community of other practitioners to connect with!

In my time working with Lesli I was able to create a website video - something I had been wanting to do forever – and design free challenges to get more clients. Lesli asks very poignant questions that help you get the heart of what you are trying to accomplish. She is especially helpful for practitioners just starting out who want to scale fast and aren’t sure how to do that,and she gives you the tools you need to stay focused on the things that matter for your bottom line.

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