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Health Professionals, you don't need to go it alone! 
I've curated a bunch of goodies, gifts, and resources to help you attract ideal clients and grow your lucrative and rewarding health practice.

The more people you serve, the more the world heals... so it's my pleasure. ENJOY!

about me

I’m Lesli Bitel – Business Coach and Mentor for Wellness Professionals. For years I’ve been committed to the health and healing of our planet, supporting health pros in getting their wonderful work out into the world through coaching, programs, speaking, workshops, and more.

The delicious goodies inside include:

  • “6 Steps to YES on Your Next Sales Call” Video Training
  • “7 Critical Keys to a Profitable Practice,” Ebook
  • Low-Waste, Whole Food Cooking program
  • '3 Steps to Attract More Clients to Your Practice' + bonus
  • A Nutrition and Wellness Marketing Planner

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