Are you making these (common) client attraction mistakes?

Are you making these (common) client attraction mistakes?

“Could I just deliver my services and forget about marketing! I hate having to “sell” myself.  I wish someone else could do that for me!”

It’s amazing how many times I hear a statement like this from a passionate service provider who simply loves what they do, but loathes the process of attracting and enrolling clients.

And I understand – I’ve been there myself.

But client attraction needn’t be distasteful and you don’t have to act like a used car salesman.  Not only is it possible to share what you offer from your heart with complete integrity, but it’s also really the most effective way to enroll people.

Once you find an ideal potential client, you need to be able to make a compelling and persuasive case for how exactly your programs and services are going to change that client’s life.

Unfortunately, to not be “pushy,” many well-meaning coaches and trainers aren’t prepared at all to speak powerfully about their business when the opportunity arises.

Instead, they unwittingly stumble into self-sabotaging habits that don’t serve anyone, especially your possible client. Here are some pitfalls to avoid:

Not following through with potential clients.  It’s amazing how many business owners will talk to an ideal candidate about what they do and leave it up to the other person to ask for a “next step.”

They feel “Well, I’ve told them what I do and how I do it, so if they’re interested, I assume they’ll ask more.”  No! You need to be the leader here. It’s up to you to suggest to someone whom you feel is a good fit for your work that they take the next step.

This is the time to invite them to set up a deeper conversation or a complimentary strategy session with you.

Being hesitant to share the results your clients can achieve from working with you. I’ve heard consultants say, “Well, I can’t guarantee those results, so I can’t promise anything.” Of course, you can’t guarantee the results. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wholeheartedly share what is possible. Of course, you will base your claims on the kind of results you have helped your other clients achieve.

For example, I have no qualms saying that I teach my clients how to attract their own, high-paying clients and create 6-figure businesses from their expertise. These are the results that are possible, and that many of my clients achieve.  If you’re wishy-washy about firmly stating the results of working with you, who is going to hire you?

Fumbling when stating your fees.  Many people get nervous when talking about their fees. Usually, they are worried about what the other person is going to think, and whether or not they’re going to be able to pay.

This happens when they haven’t fully embraced the incredible value their service provides.  They haven’t “owned” that the transformation they help clients achieve is priceless to the client (who is in pain and struggling). When you finally understand the worth of your work, you’ll be able to state your fees with conviction and not apologize.

Not investing in yourself.  It’s kind of ironic how many service providers are frustrated that they can’t find clients who are willing to invest with them, but they don’t invest in getting their help. If you’re not willing to hire a trusted coach of your own – for at least the level of fees you want others to pay you – how can you expect others to do the same?

Your clients want to know that you’re continuing to learn from the best of the best and continuing to improve your business.  And that’s fair, isn’t it?

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