5 Ways to Create Passive Income in Your Nutrition Practice

5 Ways to Create Passive Income in Your Nutrition Practice

Yes, you can create passive income for your nutrition practice! There are ways to create passive income as a nutritionist, dietician, or integrative practitioner. 

For health and wellness professionals, increasing your bottom line for your nutrition practice usually means you’re seeing more clients. Ultimately, there are only so many hours in a day for you to see clients and trading dollars for hours limits your growth. By adding passive income to your practice, you can increase your revenue without spending more time working. 

What is passive income?

Passive income is an income stream that doesn’t take up your time. You will invest time, energy, and money upfront to create this automated system. Once you’ve created your income-generating passive income product or service, it keeps working for you with little to no input on your part. That means your nutrition business is working for you even while you’re sleeping, on vacation, or working with other clients in your private practice.

Not only does having passive income streams help you increase your bottom line for your nutrition practice, but they also are very effective as a marketing tool to attract new clients as well as upgrades to your existing services.

Successful nutrition professionals know that having diverse products, plans, and offers sets you up as the go-to person in their niche.  You’re missing out on potential clients if you don’t have automated products, recipes, meal plans, or other client packages that can be delivered without taking up time in your busy schedule.

So how can you create passive income for your nutrition practice?

Here are five passive income ideas to get you started!

Offer Do-It-Yourself Tools & Resources

If you’ve been in private practice for any length of time, you know that the same problems and solutions present themselves over and over again. Much of this can be packaged up in a DIY offer. This can be as simple as a collection of recipes such as “14 Heart Healthy and Delicious Recipes for Men Over 40” or a month-long meal plan for new moms. 

Take some time to brainstorm the products or supplements that you usually recommend to your ideal client. Can you create a list for each health issue your ideal clients come to you with? Maybe they struggle with making healthy choices so a checklist would make sense for them. Whatever it is, you’ve done it a thousand times already, right?

Not only are these great as a passive income source for health professionals, but they also help your client base move forward in their health journey so that they will be more likely to become clients for your high-ticket offers and programs.

These digital products replace the time you would normally spend on client education materials. More than likely you already have a collection of recipes or a favorite dietary supplement you recommend. Why not make it easy for your email list or social media followers to get the same information? It’s a great way to boost your income while increasing your online presence.

Affiliate Marketing 

You can dramatically increase your income over time by adding affiliate marketing to your business plan. Affiliate partnerships mean that you earn a commission (anywhere from 10%-50% or more) when someone purchases a recipe book, books a personal trainer, or even “done for you” meal plans.

Have a list of Amazon products that you love to recommend when people are working with you? Consider opening an Amazon Affiliate store. It’s Amazon’s own affiliate marketing program that you earn commissions on from purchases and programs. Their commission rates top out at 10% but it’s passive income that you wouldn’t be making otherwise, right?

While there are thousands of marketing strategies, email marketing, and content marketing are valuable tools to promote your affiliate products. 

You can promote your affiliate products through your blog, your social media platforms and send recommendations to your mailing list. You can even mention your most popular tools in a YouTube video.

Online Product Portal

Maybe you’re a registered dietitian who wants to create affiliate income… You can create your own online marketplace with private label supplements, meal replacement shakes, specialized meal plans, weight loss systems, and more! 

Think of what you would have on display for your private clients. How can you translate that into your online business? If your one-on-one nutrition clients are purchasing these products, it only makes sense to offer them online as well. Many supplement companies will even drop ship these products right to their door! You may even consider discounted rates for people who shop online.

Digital Products

Digital products are a great way to make a decent income without spending months creating a business plan. If you have a series of blog posts on one topic, you can write an e-book by gathering them up in one easy-to-find place. 

Not only is this a lucrative business model, but it also helps increase your authority in your niche.

Think of catchy titles like “Healthy Eating for the Holiday Season” or “Menu Planning for Millenials”. 

Your digital products are not necessarily a nutrition program. They are digital information products that help your people see the bigger picture while also growing your list of email subscribers. Digital products are the perfect tool to give your audience a taste of what it’s like to work with you at a low price point.

Add some extra income on top of what your charge for your digital product by mentioning your favorite affiliate products. You can create a special page on your website with a list of everything you mention in your e-book for quick reference that has all of your favorite affiliate links.

Passive Income Nutrition Practice

Online Education Series

An online education series or an online program like a group coaching package is a great way to serve your ideal clients without trading dollars for hours. Yes, this type of program will take time from your schedule but instead of one-on-one, you’re working with people in groups. It’s like a personal trainer who leads a whole room of people, but virtually.

Your educational series might look like a group of 6-10 people who all share the same struggle. You have pre-recorded videos or training materials and meet as a group twice a month. This type of program gets massive results and your participants are excited to share their progress on their social media which helps you fill your program the next time!

Another way to offer online education for your nutrition business is to have a paid webinar series. This is similar to a group coaching program but it leaves out the time you would spend meeting with the group. You have more time to serve your one-on-one clients while your passive income stream is working for you behind the scenes. 

A paid webinar series is the type of online program that is best suited to people who are new to your brand or who are at the beginning of their client journey. You can also offer a webinar series as an upgrade to the service you already provide for your private clients. They get double the value while you only spend half the time. It’s a win-win.

Multiple Revenue Streams for Your Private Nutrition Practice

Is your dietitian or nutrition business 100% online, 100% in person, or a hybrid of the two? As you’re transitioning your business model, adding passive income and multiple revenue streams to your nutrition practice is a great way to beef up your business plan. You’ll see real income from sharing healthy recipes, providing a meal planning tool, sharing your favorite supplements, or providing an online alternative to your in-person programs. 

You’re able to expand your impact with an online education series, digital information products, MLM products, and private label supplements. 

With the power of online marketing, you are able to set yourself up as an authority in your niche while increasing your bottom line. Passive income is the perfect tool to help you realize your financial and business goals.

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