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Build Your Practice From the Ground UP

“Make Money Now With Online Courses, Challenges, Instagram, Facebook Groups, And More!”

We are bombarded day after day with ways to make income. And it’s all too easy to be sidetracked by the latest shiny object (can you relate?).

Often times, the thing you really need to do is get back to basics.

Case and point…when I started my coaching practice back in 2008 I had a computer, phone, very basic business cards and an email account. That’s it!  I was much simpler for sure – social media wasn’t even a thing yet and blogging was just getting popular.

But what I did have was a passion for coaching, an excited sense of purpose, and the courage to talk about it to just about anyone. I built my business “the old fashioned way” – word of mouth, developing relationships with referral partners, phone calls, and lots of groundwork.

I know how seductive promises of passive income and multiple streams of revenue can be. But you must be willing to start with business basics or you may be headed for a breakdown.

Before you can see that money rolling in “while you sleep” or be reaping the rewards of several income inflows, you must build the foundation of your business with good old-fashioned “active” income.

That means 1:1 services for your clients, leading a group, giving a webinar (paid). Once you get the first “stream” flowing, you can plan on adding others.

Only then should you think about creating some passive income. That is, selling a book, self-contained product or automated program – anything you don’t have to “show up for” in order to make money.

You must have a sufficiently established reach and relationship with your audience before you can make those kinds of offerings profitable.

Start in your own backyard (even in the days of COVID).  There are opportunities from people who already know, like, and trust you. Reach out to your family, friends, colleagues, and associates. Everyone knows someone and these kinds of referrals are priceless.

One of my first offerings was a short-term workshop style class that I offered to people I knew. It was very low cost (and low overhead as well), but from that class I enrolled some of my very first private clients.

You could even do a mini-workshop or seminar in your on Zoom for free as a taste of your services and to get the buzz going.

Look around your immediate area for places to get going. Community groups, churches, libraries, and are great places to start and remember, anything that was done in person can be now replicated online.

Look for business everywhere and spread the word anywhere you can. Reconnect to your “Big Why.” Get out there and let your enthusiasm be infectious.

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